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HOWEVER – lest you think this is entirely humorous, at least one MD in the USA has already done exactly that.

Self-reflection . . .

Continuing the introspective examination I’ve been doing of late, I believe I have discovered a way to achieve more of a balance to daily livingness.

Well, I don’t think I can actually take credit for this entirely, as it is a program that was known well to ancient peoples.

The primary weakness that intellectual people face is one of physical weakness.  A strong mind is good thing to have, but it lends itself all to quickly to the neglect of your body.  That is what happened to me after I left the military.  My focus shifted to study, and I did not continue some form of activity that would require the mental dedication to physical conditioning.  The result was that my disability did, in just a few years, become the dominate force in determining my physical health.

The way to combat this, especially for those who are gifted with a strong mind and burdened with a disability, is to have an active physical discipline.  Something along the lines of yoga or martial arts.  Life requires balance, and imbalance expresses itself as a disruption of optimum health.

Please, if you are the parent or guardian of a gifted child, do them a HUGE favor and guide them into a lifetime activity that conditions and strengthens the body as much as you aide them in training their mind.

Monsanto charged . . .

A broad coalition of human rights and eco-activist organizations has announced that they will be charging MONSANTO of legal and ethical crimes in international court.

About sweeteners…

I happened to glance at the BBC news site yesterday, and saw this intriguing article about the quest to find a replacement for refined, white sugar.  I’d agree with a lot of what the author said, but with one MAJOR caveat:

STEVIA is not an artificial sweetener.  The fact that it is not sugar does not in any way make it artificial or synthetic (I know, artificial is synthetic).  Stevia is just as much plant-sourced as sugar is.

What is “rape”?

Here is a link to a BBC article about a study that was done of young adults who were asked to determine whether or not a certain “staged” event would be a rape in the real world.  It’s interesting how many Shades of Gray there are . . .


(FYI – I’m personally of the opinion that, no matter what the technicalities of law require, if a person does not give advance informed consent that is both voluntary and sober, if anything sexual happens it should be classified as rape.)

I’m not the only one . . .

I got a notice in my email yesterday about a blog Wil Wheaton (yes, THAT Wil Wheaton – from Stand By Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation) wrote about needing to reboot his life.  He said that a few months ago he did several very specific things along that line.  Since his raw prose is so much more eloquent than my polished writing (IMHO) – here’s the link:

CDC admits to spreading cancer . . .

The CDC has admitted that up to 98 Million US residents have been exposed to cancer virus cells by getting the polio vaccination . . .

Just another reason why getting vaccinations should NEVER be mandatory.

Oh, and to drive that point home a bit more, there is this:

Flu Shot Remains Most Dangerous Vaccine Based on Injuries and Deaths Compensated by Government

Buddha on disease . . .

My initial response to the graphic below was “Right On!”  However, on reflection, there is a huge caveat that must be appended to it.

2500 years ago, mankind’s greatest threats were communicable disease and large predatory animals.  Those were the conditions mankind lived under.  NOW, we no longer worry about many of the diseases that once ravaged continents, and most large predators are on the brink of endangered status or extinction.  The greatest threats humanity faces today are ENTIRELY of mankind’s own creation.  Poisons, toxins, weapons of war, surveillance states . . . welcome to the Brave New World.

buddha on disease

Why Richard Burr Has my Vote

I’m not a person who ever votes for (or against) any candidate based on only one issue – but, this is one that comes close to crossing that border. I am an Army veteran, Medic. I’m a few years to young to have gone to Vietnam, but I knew many guys who did.

I’m sure you don’t care about sympathy, but please know you have my understanding and encouragement to persevere. FYI – modern medicine really fails when trying to give a life-expectancy estimate. My father (not a military veteran) was diagnosed with a degenerative form of arthritis that was expected to be fatal within 5 years – 32 years ago. He still lives. There is always hope.

Source: Why Richard Burr Has my Vote