Global Warming . . .

At this point, I don’t think there are very many intelligent, well-informed, people left on the planet who would dispute the idea that the average temperature of the planet is getting higher. What the actual cause of that warming is, well, that is still up for debate.

However, a couple of months ago I watched a documentary that I’ve been meaning to post about on here. That I didn’t post about it earlier was mostly due to all of the other distractions we’ve had going on. Still, I think it is of sufficient importance that I’m forcing myself to go ahead and post about it now.

The name of the documentary is “Kiss The Ground” – and if you have access to Netflix Streaming it is still available on there.

The amazing thing about this documentary is the very simple solution it offers to the problem of Global Warming. Almost every solution I’ve seen suggested involved complex ideas that were either capitalistic or industrial in nature, and relied on heavy-handed governmental intervention. “Kiss the Ground” proposes a solution that any farmer or gardener can implement right on their own property – and could even be used to reclaim land that has previously turned to pure waste.

If you have even a couple of hours of free time between now and the end of the year, you owe it to yourself (and the planet) to watch this documentary. If you agree with me after you’ve seen it, buy a copy for every elected official in your area and mail it to them, if for no other reason than getting us out of the complicated schemes proposed by people who would take advantage of a global crisis for personal gain.


Saturday Posts . . .

I know – the Saturday Posts series are usually just a graphic with a one or two sentence idea that triggers thought or humor about some topic.

Today I’m going in a different direction.  Something has been on my mind that I need to share with you, and you all need the warning.  Yes, I said “warning”.  It is that big of a deal.

There is something about to happen.  All the major governments of the world know it will soon happen, but none of them are talking about it because, quite frankly, they have no idea what to do and fear triggering a panic they can’t spin or control.  The mass media also knows this event is about to happen, but they are keeping quiet for another reason – talking about it won’t sell advertising OR papers, so for them there is no upside to the story.

What is the story?  The world – yes, the whole WORLD – has already begun the decline to a life without OIL.  I could tell you a lot, but I’m nowhere near as good at telling this as the people who produced and directed a documentary my wife and I watched recently.  It is called “The End of Suburbia” – and we got our copy from the Netflix disc service.  Please, find this documentary and watch it.  We need to be informed to make the changes necessary to the post-oil world we will be living in within a few decades.

Documentary about “The Eagles”…

I just finished watching a 3-hour long documentary about the music super group “The Eagles”.  You probably know a half-dozen of their songs, even if you don’t know the songs are theirs.  Desperado, Take It To The Limit, The Long Run, Life In The Fast Lane.  Yes – THAT  group.

I didn’t know it until I watched this documentary on Netflix (titled: The History of the Eagles), but Linda Ronstadt was majorly responsible for bringing two of the key band members together, and later recorded a song they wrote that their own recording company didn’t want The Eagles to do.  It was Desperado, so, big thanks to Linda for believing in them.

I’m a huge Eagles fan, and am old enough to remember them from the years I was a teenager.  Most of their music is among the greatest ever made.  For me, though, there is one sour note in their whole catalog, and you’ll probably disagree with me as to which song it is.  In actual fact, I absolutely hate – – – HOTEL CALIFORNIA.  Something about that song rubs me wrong, and it always has.  I would dearly appreciate it if The Eagles would release a double-album sized collection of their greatest hits – that didn’t have that song on it anywhere.  I know, it will never happen.

Could someone build a stereo for me that absolutely won’t ever play that song, even accidentally?  Please?

Political intrigue, since . . .

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve tried to describe myself as a “centerist” – I’m not republican or democrat, and borrow some ideas from both.  I like fiscal responsibility – anyone who’s ever had to worry about keeping a roof over their head, or faced bankruptcy, knows that if you owe money, you loose control over your life.  I like social freedom – as long as the only person hurt directly by another’s actions is the one who makes the action, I don’t think there should be a law against it.  I think equality is a wonderful idea – as long as it applies equally to everyone of every ethnicity, income level, faith, or gender.  I think any organized faith that advocates harming those who think differently should be outlawed. I think there need to be rewards for clever innovation, and if those who are innovative enough become self-made billionaires while the masses toil away at $8/hr – nobody should have a right to complain as long as the billionaires answer to the same basic laws as everyone else.

So, it might surprise you to learn that I’m not paying a lot of attention to the news anymore.  Oh, I might spend about 5 minutes scanning headlines now and then, but I have quit hovering and commenting.  I learned something that made the whole concept repulsive.

A good friend of mine turned me on to a documentary called “JFK to 911” which goes into exhaustive detail about why every conspiracy theory alive today about the JFK assassination has at least one point wrong – the number of shooters.  He uses basic ballistics and forensic science to show you exactly where the fatal shot came from – and tells you the name of the shooter.

If that were all that you could get from the documentary, it would be worth watching it.  But it is far more.  He names names of political power players, criminal cabals, and cogs in the government machine who all had reason to want JFK dead – and were all in Dallas, Texas the day before Air Force One landed there with JFK.  He tells you what their reasons were.

Then he jumps back to World War One, and shows you how the power brokers got so powerful that they could destroy entire countries out of a desire for profits.  He brings it forward and shows how the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq have all been related; tied into the same group making more profits.  He also exposes exactly how they go about maximizing profit by supplying BOTH SIDES of every major conflict in the last 100 years.

What really has me turned off from interest in politics, though, is the fact that the USA has become so polarized around 2 major factions – and it’s all smoke and mirrors.  Ever since Julius Caesar, leaders have known that the easiest ways to control “the masses” are to divide and conquer, or unite against a common enemy.  Looking back over US history, it’s easy to see both strategies have been in full force ever since the Civil War.

Since one particular “global manipulator” has a personal net worth estimated at near $40 TRILLION, and several others are worth significantly more than the published estimates, it’s safe to say that individual liberty is an idea that died in 1864, and only another Bolshevik revolution (on a global scale) could possibly bring it back to life.

I don’t like YouTube, but if you don’t care if you use it or not, the documentary is available there.