Progress on car problems?

Things might not be so bad as it seemed.

While she was at work 2 days ago, my wife talked (via email) with one of the instructors in the university’s Automotive Technology program, and found out that there is a transmission repair specialist who is able to address this problem, using a part from a salvage yard (because Mitsubishi no longer makes this model of car).  The estimate for getting the repair done is “between $600 and $700”.  Not bad.

The catch is – the car isn’t in any condition to drive very far, and the specialist is over in Joplin.  We could get AAA to tow the car over there, but most mechanics want you to sign some paperwork authorizing the repair before they will do it.  I could ride over to Joplin in the tow truck, but then I still have to be able to get home.  Oh, and then going  back to Joplin to get the car when the repair is complete, because it is unlikely to be a same-day completion.  Yes, if we go this route, there will be a need for lots of coordination.

Still, not having to spend $5,000 right now is a help, and I think we have the room on the credit card to cover getting a rental car for the extra trips to Joplin.  We’re going to look at this pretty seriously.


Plans change . . .

That was fast.

I wrote a blog on Jan 4th about our new plans and dreams for the coming year.  Yesterday, they all got trashed.  Yes, everything.

What has happened is that our car (a 1999 Mitsubishi Diamante) has developed a problem that two different organizations have said can’t be fixed.  It seems to have a cracked flywheel.  I say “it seems to have” because nobody will drop the transmission to look – the cost of diagnostics alone with that would run $750.

So, for the next few days my wife is going to have to walk to work, or get a ride from a co-worker.  What we’re ultimately going to need to do is file our tax return ASAP and get the refund direct deposited so we can go buy another car.

I’m thinking “Honda Civic” if we can find one in our price range.  Of all the cars I’ve ever owned, the Civic we had in St. Louis was the most reliable.