Updates and/or confessions . . .

Well, it has certainly been a year.  My wife and I were talking recently about all that has happened since Halloween 2016, which was about when we put the gas fireplace insert in the house, and trying to do the numbers.

Here is what I came up with:

Fireplace Insert             $3500.00

Hot Water Heater             500.00

New HVAC System       4500.00

Refrigerator                       450.00

Car starter (2x)                 300.00

Repair Oil Leak              1000.00

Which, I do believe, tallies up to just over $10K in house and car maintenance, in just over one year.  On the agenda for the coming year – replace our 20 year old car, and try to regain access to our garage.

Now for the confession.  This is something that has been in the back of my mind since my Thanksgiving post about my friend Francine.  So far, we haven’t heard any news about a change in her status, but the truth is, even if there had been a change, her family would be so busy with everything that they wouldn’t likely be thinking of updating a Facebook page.

But, the fact that she is dying (or has died) from cancer got me thinking of how surprised I was to hear the news.  Which reflected back on me – some things I haven’t put in my blog, so none of you know anything about them.  While they aren’t as imminently life threatening as cancer, it still feels dishonest to not tell you what is going on.

So, let’s back up about 6-7 months.  I’d been using my home gym to build strength, and muscle tone, and I really felt things were starting to turn around for my health and fitness.  Then, one day I woke up, and couldn’t raise my left arm up to shoulder level in any direction.  The pain of attempting to move it at all was severe.  My initial reaction was, “Oh,, I probably pushed that last workout a bit hard, and I’ll just need a few days off.”  Well, a few days became a couple of weeks with no improvement, so I asked my wife what she thought I should do.  After some discussion, she said she thought it was “frozen shoulder” – something I’d never heard of before, and suggested I go to the chiropractor.  And I did.  It didn’t even take him a whole minute to confirm her suspicion.  “Oh, yeah, that’s frozen shoulder, alright.”  He ran me through some range-of-motion tests, then gave me some home-exercises to do to “loosen it up.”  He also said that, while cheap, this was the LONG, SLOW path to recovery, but it would work.

Now, today, I only sleep about 1 1/2 hours at a time, and it has been like this for 6 months.  I’m in pain constantly, and while the exercises have my range of motion back to about 85% of normal, the pain has not reduced one bit.  When bad weather affects arthritis, or migraines kick in, that is on top of the trouble with the shoulder.  It has reduced me to a babbling wreck more than once, as well as causing me to miss some past Saturday posts.  I don’t know what to do anymore.  I even have trouble remembering what day it is, without help from my computer.

So, this isn’t actually killing me, but it has seriously screwed up my quality of life.

Oh, and in keeping with the updates and confession theme of this post, the new program I’m doing for the migraines has had a noticeable effect now.  While the migraines aren’t usually as sharp as they were, they also don’t tend to go away anymore – ever.  It has been like this for a couple of weeks.

I’m ready for a new game, perhaps even a new avatar.  This one is busted.

Next lifetime – can I be Supergirl?  PLEASE?


More on Debt Freedom . . .

Back on December 16th, I wrote a long diatribe about the need to begin making the USA debt free, and that begins with making ourselves as individuals debt free. I’ve been researching this for the last 2 years, and have found some very usefull online resources that will help each and every one of us do just that – Barbara & I have already done it.

The very first thing you need to do is re-think your consumer debt. Basically, don’t use credit for anything. Why pay someone else 6% interest (or up to 24% on some credit cards) when the most you can earn in a savings account is 1.25%???? You automatically give yourself a net pay raise by just eliminating the drain of interest charges!

Next, make sure that you are “paying yourself first” every payday. That means that you are taking at least 5% of your GROSS pay (not net, or after-tax) and putting it aside for your future well-being. You don’t spend it for anything – this will be the money you use for your investments, once there is enough there to start investing. When you become debt free, increase this to at least 10% of your Gross income, and when your finances are better off, I’ve heard of people who pushed it up over 40%. It should be as much as you can comfortably afford to make it, but never less than 5% to start with. This isn’t the money put into Social Security for you by the government, either. This is money YOU set aside, YOU control, and YOU invest. This is about YOU being responsible for YOUR future.

Now, when you have money to invest, what do you do with it? Well, I have a few sources I’ve looked to over the past 3 years that have proven to be far more valuable than all the books, tapes, and self-help seminars put together. These sources are self-made multi-millionaires who made their money entirely by investing. I include contact info below so that you can check them out yourselves.

The first I would recommend is called “Early To Rise” – yes, it’s a daily, and it is edited by Michael Masterson.

To BECOME AN EARLY TO RISE MEMBER, please visit: http://www.earlytorise.com or email support@earlytorise.com

The next is called “Investment U” – and is edited by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud (the Dr. is because he has a doctorate in economics – not an M.D.)

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is the editor of Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth and has been a member of the OC Investment Advisory Panel for more than six years. http://www.InvestmentU.com

If you would like more info about True Wealth: http://www.truewealth.com/

Good luck on making your dreams come true!