Lying Electronics – solution . . .

Alright, I figured out what happened with the bathroom scale, but to share it I have to explain something that some of you will quickly relate to.

It has to do with cats – and their toys.  When we first accepted the two cats who conquered our home, we tried to entertain them with toys we purchased from a local pet store.  They didn’t like those – and preferred to play with things we would normally have called “trash”.

One such thing that has been a source of endless fascination to the male (Merlin) is the purple rings that came off of mayonnaise jars (before we stopped buying it).  We still have about a dozen of them around, and every few days he’ll discover one and spend 10 or 15 minutes chasing it around the kitchen floor.  About once a month we’ll clean out under the refrigerator or freezer, and find half of them stuck under there with the dust bunnies.

Anyhow, because it is about the only solid floor in the house, the kitchen floor is also where we keep the bathroom scale.  After I posted yesterday’s blog, it occurred to me that I needed to look at the battery for the scale, because I couldn’t remember what type of battery it needed.

When I picked up the scale, I saw a purple ring that had been hiding under the LED display.

If you’re already laughing – so did I.  I scooted the ring out of the way, and put the scale back on the floor.  When I stepped on it again, it registered the much more believable number of 198.

Lying electronics . . .

Alright, I suppose anything is possible, but this is highly unlikely.

I try to avoid being obsessive about the numbers on the bathroom scale, but I do step on it every now and then to monitor my results.  I’ve now been on the Paleo diet for over a year and a half, and I have confirmed that my weight has dropped from 248 to 190.  I was quite happy with that, and not even distressed when it went back up to 196 – because I got a weight bench and started doing bench presses and leg curls a few times a week.  I took the increase as an indication that I was toning up muscle, which weighs more than blubber.

But I am having a lot of trouble believing what I saw on the scale this morning.  So much trouble believing it, that I stepped off the scale, let the LED display clear, and tried it again.  With the same results.  Exactly.

So, the number I didn’t want to believe?  165.0 pounds.  One hundred and sixty-five pounds.  I haven’t been that light since 1984.  It CAN’T be right.

I’m going to get a new battery.  Or maybe a new scale.

Well, I think it is about time . . .

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog about my frustration at my primary care doc at the VA trying to push me onto statin drugs for my cholesterol.  In her comment on the blog, my good friend Anita pointed at the Mark’s Daily Apple website ( ) and said it is her Paleo Diet guru.  I’m also on the Paleo Diet, but hadn’t seen this site, so I went to take a look.

My chief frustration with the site (at least at first glance) is that it is typical of sites that specialize in fitness – they don’t have anything to say that doesn’t include a fair amount of healthy exercise.  If I want to use his program, I need to be able to follow the program.  But, after a bone tumor in my left femur in 1980, the femur can’t handle that sort of activity.  The permanent limitations I was given back then included: No walking over 1 mile per day TOTAL, No jumping of any kind (like parachute jumps), No pushing pulling or lifting over 30 pounds.

Every time I have ever exceeded those limits, there has been a price to pay.  Stress fractures around the site where the bone tumor was have ensured that a week on crutches each time was the minimum price I’ve paid.  I actually have a pair of aluminum ones in a closet that I’ve used for years.

But – I had an idea today.  My doc asked me on that last visit if I’d thought about getting a hip replacement.  I half laughed and said I might get it someday, but when I do we’d have to replace the whole femur because of the bone tumor that caused all this trouble.

It may be time to do that.

Why?  Because I’m actually only 53 years along.  If I do get a hip/femur replacement, I would have to do physical therapy, and then I’d be free – FREE – to start exercising in earnest again.  Keep in mind – before the tumor I was a candidate for the US Army’s Special Forces training.  A hip replacement before this summer could mean that I’m able to start training for a half-marathon by the time I’m 55.  I can almost get excited just thinking about it.  If I also get the migraine headaches under control, I might even be able to go back to work, part-time at least.

It is something tempting to think about.  Especially since I just had a short phone call with the Veteran’s Choice program, and they are setting me up with an appointment for a primary care doctor HERE IN TOWN.