Monsanto going down?

Several times in the past I’ve written about the benefits of non-GMO foods, and effects of heavy pesticide use on the environment, and other things on that line. Of course, Monsanto and it’s army of lawyers have maintained all along that there was no PROOF that any of this is true – all while using PR campaigns to make claims that Monsanto is “feeding the world.”

On Wednesday, 3/15/2017, all of that changed. The New York Times has published an article that literally rakes Monsanto over the coals. Rather than telling you about it, I’ll just share part of the text, as quoted in an email I got from the Organic Consumers Association:

Today, the New York Times reported new explosive evidence showing how Monsanto gets away with selling dangerous pesticides and GMOs into our food supply.

As horrifying as this news is, even for those of us who aren’t surprised, it gives consumers a little more leverage—and we intend to use it.

According to the NYT, while farmers and children exposed to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide were dying from non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a high-level EPA official was colluding with Monsanto behind the scenes to hide the truth.

And he actually bragged about it.

Newly unsealed court documents reveal that former EPA official Jess Rowland let Monsanto ghostwriters write the toxicology reports that would form the basis for a government investigation into whether or not Roundup causes cancer.

“If I can kill this I should get a medal,” Rowland reportedly told a Monsanto executive, who shared the comment in an email.


The only way we will stop Monsanto, and other corporations, from this kind of ruthless disregard for public health is to keep the pressure on—through boycotts, through relentless demands for accountability, and through the courts.

We may have lost the battle to label GMOs. But make no mistake—the years of educating consumers about the risks of GMO foods, and the poisons used to grow them, are paying off.

• Monsanto is facing more than 20 lawsuits from victims who say they, or a family member, have non-Hodgkins lymphoma because of exposure to glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup. Lawyers for the victims say Monsanto knew all along that its flagship herbicide causes cancer.

• Just this week, a California judge ruled that the state can require Monsanto to label Roundup sold in retail stores as a “possible carcinogen.”

• On April 18, judges who presided over the International Monsanto Tribunal will assemble in The Hague, Netherlands. They will tell the world what they found, after six months of poring over testimony delivered by more than 30 witnesses, including victims of Monsanto’s poisons, scientists, doctors and lawyers. The testimony was delivered during a 2-day citizens’ tribunal, held in October, in The Hague.

• OCA, along with another organization, will soon file our own lawsuit against Monsanto—details to be made public soon.

Be aware, though. This turn of events isn’t the end of the story. For the last few years, Monsanto has been actively courting mergers with European corporations that it could hide behind, using a new name to continue playing dirty politics while getting entry to European markets that have outright BANS on Monsanto’s products.


Saturday Posts . . .

Organic CarrotsImage is a side view of a bunch of carrots still growing in the ground.  The text is a quote from organic farmer Mary Jane Butters, which says, “I think we need to take back our language.  I want to call my organic carrots ‘carrots’ and let (other farmers) call theirs a chemical carrot.  And they can list all of the ingredients that they used instead of me having to be certified.  The burden is on us to prove something.  Let them prove that they used only 30 chemicals instead of 50 to produce an apple.”

Monsanto charged . . .

A broad coalition of human rights and eco-activist organizations has announced that they will be charging MONSANTO of legal and ethical crimes in international court.

Happy Thanksgiving (USA)…

Due to the modern miracle of scheduling posts in advance, I’m writing this several days before you will read it.  That’s not really anything new – I like to get most of my posts for the week done on Monday, so that I don’t have to spend more than an hour a day at the computer.

Anyhow, today (as you are reading this) is Thanksgiving in the US.  It is the day we celebrate the end of the harvest season, and give thanks for the (hopefully) abundant harvest, friends, family, and good fellowship.  Or at least that is the historical context of the event.  The last 20 years or so it has seemed most Americans use this day to celebrate mock-slaughter and grid-iron mass hysteria over an oval-shaped piece of porcine hide, inflated artificially with air.

I’d like to take this moment to reflect on a milestone.  My blog is approaching 200 followers here on WordPress – an event that I didn’t even dream of when I started this 1.5 years ago.  I’ve never tried to monetize this, or do any of the weirdo things spammers want you to think will make it go viral.  I just write what I think, and let others decide if it is worth reading.  Sometimes it’s spiritual, sometimes it’s a funny cat video, or politics, or health care.  It would seem that one of my followers is even an international political watchdog group based in a foreign country!  I’m impressed.

Thank you all for watching my blog, and helping it grow.  Please be safe, the next 6 weeks aren’t just the “holiday season” – they are some of the craziest and most dangerous shopping weeks of the year.

About sweeteners…

I happened to glance at the BBC news site yesterday, and saw this intriguing article about the quest to find a replacement for refined, white sugar.  I’d agree with a lot of what the author said, but with one MAJOR caveat:

STEVIA is not an artificial sweetener.  The fact that it is not sugar does not in any way make it artificial or synthetic (I know, artificial is synthetic).  Stevia is just as much plant-sourced as sugar is.