A terrible joke . . .

While I was playing a video game today, the antics of one of the bad guys inspired me to imagine this:

A married couple, Hal and Lucy, had such a string of luck with Lottery winning that they discussed between them the possibility of buying their own country.  They had ideas on how to make it a paradise, and a utopia.  The discussions became quite detailed, until they ultimately realized that what they were discussing was a Hal-Lucy Nation.


Time Warp –

No, this isn’t about a scene from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” – although I do like it.

It’s about something sort of weird that happened today.  As is usual for me, I was up most of the night.  Just before going to bed, I checked the weather forecast, but I knew what I was going to see.  My hip, shoulder, and neck had already given me their prediction, and the only way they are ever wrong if when the storm “near misses” us within about 100 miles.

Anyhow, I was trying to sleep, and waking up every couple of hours because of hip pain.  I’d roll over, look at the clock, and try to go back to sleep.  Around 12:30, I looked at the clock.  I looked again shortly after 2pm.  The next time I looked, I saw 12:33, and rolled back over.

When I finally got up, my bedside clock said it was almost 2:00 – but when I got to the living room, the computer monitor was advertising 4:30pm.  We’d had a minor power outage while I was sleeping – and the ONLY clock in the entire house that isn’t battery or battery-backup is . . . . . . . my bedside clock.

It didn’t cause any problems, but I did get a chuckle out of it.

I made a new word . . .

Monday, my wife and I made a trip to a regional VA Hospital for a neurology consult – evaluation of my migraines.  Just routine stuff, really.  Nothing to get excited about.  And yes, the doctor did confirm the diagnosis of “migraine headaches”.

But, the funny part was that, while we were driving home, my wife saw something that used to be a living animal on the side of the road and stated that she thought it was an opossum.  I replied that it might have been that, or it might have been a “carmadillo” – an armadillo that had an unfortunate meeting with a car.  She laughed for several minutes after that one.