Help stop Loretta Lynch . . .

I’m afraid the fix may be in on Loretta Lynch’s nomination.

Over the weekend, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) told CNN:

“This logjam that you are talking about over this nominee likely will be worked out in the beginning part of this week…”

On Friday, Jeb Bush called on Senate Republicans to confirm Lynch.

Playing on Republican’s known disdain for Attorney General Eric Holder, Bush said the sooner the Senate confirms Lynch, the sooner Holder is gone.

But you’d have to be completely ignorant of Lynch’s positions on key policies of the Obama Administration to make such a statement.

Before President Obama leaves the White House, Loretta Lynch may make Holder look like a constitutionalist!

Just consider what came out in her confirmation hearings:

*** NSA Spying.

When statist Republican Lindsey Graham asked her views on the constitutionality of the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program, Lynch boldly called the program “constitutional and effective”;

*** Drone Strikes on American Citizens.

Like Attorney General Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch flat-out REFUSED to state whether or not she believed the President has the power to carry out drone strikes on US soil against American citizens;

*** Executive Authority.

Loretta Lynch supports Barack Obama’s misuse of Executive Orders to effectively overturn the will of Congress and write news laws via executive fiat.

And this is all in addition to her role as the Queen of civil asset THEFT!

As U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Loretta Lynch’s office SEIZED nearly a BILLION dollars’ worth of private property under the guise of civil asset “theft” just in 2013.

Senator Paul recently testified before the Senate, “Civil forfeiture turns justice on its head, our current laws assume you are guilty until you can prove your innocence.”

So, of course, Obama has chosen the Queen of this practice as the chief law enforcement officer in the country…

That’s exactly why you and I must act quickly to stop her nomination.

The Senate vote on Lynch will come down to the wire — potentially being decided by one vote.

It’s up to you and I to make sure this vote isn’t close enough for Joe Biden to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Please take action IMMEDIATELY by signing your “Vote No! on Lynch” Action Fax.

The problem with Loretta Lynch –

“In politics, the only things that ever change are the names.”

By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

November 9, 2014

I started investigating Loretta Lynch, Obama’s pick for Attorney General and immediately could see an interesting connection. I read an article stating that when Loretta Lynch started Harvard, she co-founded an African-American sorority. There was only one other girl in this sorority, Sharon Malone. The name rang a bell.

The name of the wife of AG Holder is Sharon Malone, she is the sister of a known civil rights leader Vivien Malone-Jones (one of 2 black students who enrolled in all white University of Alabama ).

I checked the age: both were born in 1959 and both went to Harvard at the same time. There were very few African American students in Harvard in 1977-1981, so I am rather certain that Loretta Lynch is an old college friend of Sharon Malone, the wife of the current AG Eric Holder.

Why this connection is important? Holder will be investigated by Congress for totally lawless gun trafficking to Mexican drug cartels in Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, VA scandal, DOJ, NSA, EPA, FEC and other scandals. Most importantly, Holder covered up Obama’s use of a stolen CT Social Security number of Harrison J. Bounel 042-68-4425 and Obama’s use of bogus IDs.

It seems that a long time college friend of Holder’s wife was picked up as a gate keeper to continue all of the cover up by Holder and shield Holder and Obama from criminal prosecution. (Yep, only the names change !)