BBC looks at tonight’s GOP debate…

I found a very interesting article on the website.  It’s a fair look at the various candidates for the GOP who are participating in tonight’s debate.  Of course, the contest is barely begun, and there is still time for a lot to change before next year and the primary.  IMHO, the main things we need to be looking at (in no particular order) are jobs, immigration, health care, and holding the Obama administration accountable everywhere that the law has been broken, by anyone working under him (Hillary ….).

Chasing low prices?

My wife and I recently watched a pair of documentaries (on Netflix, but you might find them elsewhere) that are together a VERY complete look at the problem Americans are causing for themselves in the jobs markets.

The documentaries are titled, “The True Cost” (which is about the fashion industry and the entire supply line that provides clothes for Americans to buy/wear) and “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price”.

Both documentaries earn a 5-star (out of a possible 5 stars) rating from us!  Highly recommended viewing.

Microsoft, Rubio, Sessions and the H-1B ground war

The following is a short excerpt from the full article, which can be found here:


Microsoft’s argument that the U.S. faces a shortage of people with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills isn’t helped by the 7,800 layoffs it announced last week.

In fact, said Sen. Jeff Sessions, (R-Ala.), chairman of the Senate’s Immigration Subcommittee, Microsoft’s latest cuts show “there is a surplus — not a shortage of skilled, talented and qualified Americans seeking STEM employment.”

Sessions’ criticism of Microsoft — the company declined to comment on his remarks — was aimed at Senate supporters of the I-Squared H-1B bill as much as the company itself. I-Squared would increase the H-1B visa cap considerably.

Sen. Marco Rubio, (R-Fla.), now seeking the Republican nomination for president, is a primary sponsor of I-Squared. He is also from a state that includes Disney Parks and Resorts IT operations. Disney recently replaced IT workers by using IT services firms that are large users of the H-1B visa.

Obama hates me…

Even though he’s never met me, and knows nothing about me, he still reviles everything I stand for.  I think for myself, as much as possible when sources of information are being actively censored and/or manipulated.  Further, I tell others that they should think for themselves.  Don’t ever do something just because someone on TV, or who raised you, or who serves in an elected post, or who wears clerical garb, told you to do it.

My wife found an online “political party” quiz, that I thought was interesting.  Here is the link, followed by my results:

my politics

Why we need limited birth citizenship…

Please read and share “Chinese Maternity Tourists and the Business of Being Born American” by Susan Berfield, who takes readers “Inside the Homeland Security crackdown on deluxe services helping Chinese women have American babies.”


  • “He and her husband paid USA Happy Baby $50,000 to have an American son. If they had to, she says, they’d have paid more.”
  • “When the kids turn 21 they can petition for green cards for their parents, too.”
  • “Although it’s legal to travel to the U.S. to give birth, it’s illegal to lie about the purpose of a visit — or coach someone to do so.”
  • “Homeland Security and the IRS have been investigating the growing business of ‘birth tourism,’ which operates in a legal gray area, since last June. The industry is totally unregulated and mostly hidden.”
  • “The Center for Immigration Studies, an American organization that advocates limiting the scope of the 14th Amendment, estimates there could have been as many as 36,000 birth tourists from around the world in 2012.”
  • “In China, there’s nothing secret about birth tourism. It’s just another way to help a child get ahead. A hit 2013 movie, Finding Mr. Right, told the story of a woman who goes to America to give birth. That same year, 68 percent of people surveyed by Internet provider Tencent said they would want their child to be born in the States ‘if opportunity allows.’ The maternity services maintain blogs and a steady patter of self-promotion. USA Happy Baby featured an ad with a baby lying on an American flag; Dong, the owner, regularly posted pictures of smiling customers, their newborns, and their U.S. passports. ‘The moms must be missing the time at our maternity center. It was real fun. Everything was taken care of. You lived like a “queen,”‘ read a post on social media by another service, called Enchong.”
  • “There’s already a new phrase in use among potential birth tourists: cheng shi qian, or ‘honest visa application.’ Zhai encourages this. She also recommends entering the U.S. through a city other than Los Angeles. ‘Las Vegas is really easy because everyone goes there to gamble, no matter if you’re a senior or pregnant,’ she says. ‘If you cannot cross the border, we cannot make money.'”
  • “All the maternity centers boast of their success helping customers get visas and pass through customs. Zhai says that of Enchong’s 600 clients in 2014, no more than four were turned away at U.S. airports. The centers promise that in California there is no pollution, noise, or crowd — something that can’t be bought in China. They offer trips to Disneyland and SeaWorld; You Win, one of the services under scrutiny, took a group of husbands to a shooting range.
  • “According to an affidavit filed by HSI, the agent in China was told by a You Win ‘trainer’ to apply for a U.S. visa with someone who travels regularly and wouldn’t raise suspicions about the purpose of the visit. If she didn’t know anybody, the trainer would supply someone for $9,600. ‘If the story is convincing and she is good-looking, then the success rate will be pretty high when she goes for the visa interview,’ the trainer said. Concocting the story was included in the price. The undercover HSI agent got her visa and made plans to fly to the U.S. Sometime after that, Chen told his client that he might make as much as $2 million in 2014.”

Moles and Immigration . . .

Shortly after we bought our house, we noticed that we had unwelcome residents in our front yard.  They were moles, and they were tearing up the yard.  Still, I didn’t want to kill the moles, I just didn’t want them in our yard.  So, after doing some research on various traps and other methods of removal, I reached a decision.  I bought some solar-powered sonic repellants, and strategically deployed them at the south corners of the house.  That was a little over 2 years ago.  Our entire yard is now mole-free.

How did that happen?  The sonic deterrents made the environment unfriendly to the moles, and they left.

IMHO this is also a working example of how to deal with illegal immigration.  As long as the illegal immigrants can find what they need to survive, more will continue to come.  But, if we make the area unfriendly to them, they will leave of their own accord.  There are ways to do that which will not only not cost us more money, but will save us money.  I’ve written extensively about those options in earlier posts, so I will not go over it here.

Just keep in mind that one thing every parent learns early in their parenting career – if you reward bad behavior, you will get more bad behavior.  That is exactly what any form of amnesty (under any name) is – rewarding bad behavior.

More on Illegal Immigration (USA) …

The following advice was found posted in a comment to a Yahoo news article on immigration reform:

You can help stop this anti-American illegal immigration nonsense. Don’t sit idle while traitorous politicians and corrupt businesses refuse to enforce our immigration laws. Here’s what you can do to help turn this around:
1. Obtain a free membership to NUMBERSUSA and click the “Action Board” button.
2. Check voting records (at NumbersUSA) for politicians who favor amnesty and KEEP VOTING THEM OUT !
3. Do not patronize any business that hires illegals.You can obtain a list of these companies, and report them, at WEHIREALIENS.corn. You can also report them anonymously to ICE by phone at 1-866-DHS-2-ICE.
4. If you are a victim of identity theft or injured by an illegal alien get a personal injury attorney to SUE THEIR EMPLOYERS for conspiracy and accessory.

21 Fun facts about Obama . . .

1. Born in 1961 and named Barrack Hussein Obama ll, alias Barry Soetoro, political choice is Socialist party, religion is unknown, his status is unclear

2. His father is Barrack Hussein Obama Senior who was born in the Colony of Kenya, political choice is Communism, religion is Muslim, his status is a British Subject

3.. His mother is Stanley Ann Dunham was born in Wichita, Kansas, USA, political choice is Progressive, religion is Secular Humanism and her status is a US citizen

4. Obama’s parents met in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii in 1960 and was married February 2, 1961

5. They separate when Barrack was 2 years old and divorced in 1964

6. Obama’s mother then marries Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian student who is also Muslim

7. Soetoro is recalled to Indonesia by Suharto in 1967, Obama and his mother goes along

8. Obama is adopted by Lolo, a citizen of Indonesia, and was enrolled into the first grade at age 6 as Barry Soetoro

9. According to public records, Barry is listed as a citizen of Indonesia and his faith is Islam

10. There is no record that Barry ever changed his name back to Barrack Obama

11. There is no record that shows Barry has changed his citizenship back to US

12. In 1971 Barry is sent to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents

13. While growing up in Hawaii, Barry meets Frank Marshall Davis a journalist, a poet, a self proclaimed communist, and labor union activist. He becomes Barry’s mentor

14. Davis has been under investigation by the FBI and Congress.

15. Barry Soetoro attends “socialist conferences” .He is advocate for Karl Marx’s ideas of “redistribution of wealth” and also endorsed the organization called Socialist International

16. Communism was based on the writings of Karl Marx

17. Barry leaves Hawaii and allegedly attends Occidental College in Los Angeles. No transcripts, records or writings have ever been released to show he attended

18. California Assembly records suggest that he received a state grant as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia

19. Barrack Hussein Obama wrote a book called “Dreams of my Father” A quote from this book…”During my college years I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students….the Marxist professors and structural feminist.”

20. When taking the Bar in Illinois he was asked if he ever used any other alias…his answer was “None” By this answer alone he defrauds the State Bar of Illinois and perjures himself

21. Obama use to attend annual banquets of the Arab American Action Network, and supports the Palestinians. He always sat with Edward Said,,a PLO advisor

Well folks there ya go, 21 fun facts of our president, these are not wild made up allegations or rumors, They are FACTS that are available to anyone who wishes to pursue this, All info is a matter of public record and available to anyone who wants to search. Start with Obama’s book “Dreams Of My Father”.