Entirely predictable…

Arkansas and Indiana recently made big headlines over the effort to protect people’s right to practice the religion of their choice in the face of a relentless assault by those who feel marginalized by those religions.  I’ve been saying for years that this would eventually happen.

The real problem isn’t the law.  The US Constitution’s First Amendment says that the government shall make NO LAW infringing on the right to practice the religion of your choice – so every law that violates that is actually unconstitutional.  Where you run into trouble is slamming that principle up against the “Entitlement Generation” who thinks that just because they want something, it should be theirs at any cost.  Stir in some marginalized fringe elements of society, and you have a recipe for social disaster.

Let’s be totally honest.  Those who wish to have sex with someone of the same gender have never been equal – they do not account for 50% of the population, and never will.  They should, however, be free to enter into any contract they wish, even the social civil contract of marriage.  They should NOT have the right to force anyone else to participate in the ceremony involuntarily – that is slavery.  I’m specifically referring to both businesses and churches. Being an entrepreneur in the USA does not make you a slave to the community, or any subset of it.  Make economics work for you – take your business to where it is welcome, instead of trying to force it on someone who doesn’t want it.