Israel and Palestine . . .

… the Adventure Continues.

Alright, that isn’t as funny as I wanted it to be, but there is a reason this joke doesn’t work.  This has been going on since 1947, and there is no end in sight.  Hamas won’t allow it.

I know that it’s become fashionable to blame every problem in the Middle East on Israel, but the truth is far more simple.  Look at all the active trouble spots around the globe.  I mean the places where people with lethal weapons are at each other’s throats with no thoughts of cessation.  One thing becomes overwhelmingly clear:

In most cases, it is Muslim extremists fighting someone who refuses to convert to the Islamic faith.  That is exactly the same situation in Israel/Palestine.  Since it is happening in so many other places, why is anyone thinking that the problem is Israel?  Israel did not kidnap 200 Christian schoolgirls from their classroom.  Israel did not bomb the USS Cole.  Israel did not bomb the US Embassy in Teheran – or Benghazi.

I’ve said elsewhere, but it is worth repeating, that we’re fast approaching the time when “peace-loving” Muslims will no longer be allowed to sit on the sidelines.  The atrocities being committed in the name of the prophet they revere can not be allowed to continue – and if mainstream Muslims will not publicly denounce the terrorists and assist in bringing them to justice, they will be seen by the rest of the world as being complicit in the crimes.  Continued silence means you either accept, condone, encourage, or approve of what the extremists are doing.  Failure by “peace-loving” Muslims to take strong action specifically against the terrorists will result in the rest of the world deciding that Islam is not a religion, but a terrorist organization.

It can not happen any other way – the rest of the world will not bow the knee and convert to Islam.  Religious conversion will not be forced.  I’m not an exceptional person, but I disowned my own mother after she put me in the position of choosing between her and my beliefs.  Christians, atheists, Jews, Wiccans – almost everyone in the West hold their faith above their fear of death.  This is a fight you can not win.

Oh, and those 72 virgins you are supposed to be rewarded with when you die a martyr’s death?  Guess what?  They are all 1/4 Tonne female wrestlers who want to rip your arms out of their sockets.  Have fun!


Egyptology theory . . .

Yes, sometimes my mind wanders. Today I find it tripping lightly across several threads of old avenues of study. Very Old avenues, you might say.

Anyway, anyone who has grown up within a “normal” christian church (which I did) family knows the traditional tale of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. I know I was spoon fed it from the cradle – but have always been willing to look beyond what the “authorities” were trying to tell me was the truth. “Prove it.” That’s been my guide to living.

So, it probably would not shock someone else like that to learn that I have questioned the origin of the people of Israel. Going back about 4-5.5 thousand years.

Here is a theory. It is a recorded and documented fact that there was an invasion of Egypt which resulted in the death of a legitimate Pharoh, and his being succeeded by two dynasties that suffered conflicts with each other. This split lasted around 100 years, and ended with the decendant of the legitimate Pharoh evicting the usurpers, and reclaiming Egypt for his family. But, that wasn’t the end of the trouble – as some time after that a religious group rose to power that wanted to do away with all pan-theistic practices in Egypt and replace them with a mono-theistic society.

This new religious group’s power eventually became so great that they seducced a son of a Pharoh, resulting in his (and supposedly their own high priest’s as well) murder at the hands of a daughter of Pharoh, who then took the throne for herself and reinstated pantheism. She used the mighty army of Egypt to drive all followers of monotheism out of Egypt.

The paralels to the story of Israel’s journey to Egypt, and subsequent departure from Egypt while being chased by the Army of Pharoh are thought provoking. I admit, not conclusive, but still . . .

Consider . . .

Every ancient culture I’ve ever read about, where it anything has been determined about that culture’s religious orientation, was pantheistic. Israel is the first group to introduce a monotheistic religion. Christianity purports to follow that same God, with the caveat that his son and some unseen “spirit” are somehow part of that God while acting seperatly. The Israelites, or the remnant of ancient Israel commonly called Jews (after the tribe of Juda) freely admit, even take pride in, having been in Egypt.

So the question becomes, did they leave triumphantly, at their own (or their God’s) discression – or – did they get forced out by the sister of an heir of Pharoh that they had persuaded to follow the monotheism they teach?

I admit to having no conclusive answers, but my musings may serve to guide the investigations of those who can get the answers to my questions. If nothing else, I would think that those answers would be controversial simply due to how much they could possibly raise the ire of Israel, if it contradicted their official history. Hmmmmmm………..