Ambulance Chasers . . .

Isn’t it amazing how having your name published in a local newspaper for being in a vehicle accident can trigger an avalanche of unsolicited offers from “personal injury” lawyers who want to profit from your pain and suffering?

I previously posted on this blog that my wife was in an accident, and that when she saw the traffic investigator’s report of the accident she contacted a local lawyer about damages resulting from the incident. I was the one who referred her to a local lawyer, based on the fact that the same firm had helped my father over 30 years ago. My wife asked me about getting a lawyer, and I told her that was a good and respectable firm.

Imagine my (extreme lack of) surprise when we started getting mail and (multiple) daily phone calls from other lawyers offering UNSOLICITED representation. This is something that should be illegal. Not only are they calling during hours I’m trying to sleep, but we never asked them for anything. These “offers” are coming in from all over the state, and even law firms that are based in other states but are licensed to practice within our state. AFAIK (as far as I know) – my wife intends to stick with the firm I referred her to.


Hillary or Donald . . .

Ok, I’ve tried very hard to stay out of politics this year, but the whole scene is getting so ridiculous that someone has to wade into the sewage and try to make sense out of it.

I’m going to try to boil this down to the most fundamental aspects of the two major choices facing US voters next month.

On the one hand we have Hillary Clinton, a professional lawyer by training.

On the other hand we have Donald Trump, a professional salesman by training.

And right there, in two sentences, I’ve summed up the real difference between the candidates.  As a professional salesman, Trump has made a career out of acknowledging that everyone he faces has a choice, and that his job was to do everything in his power to get them to make the choice he preferred, knowing that he wouldn’t ever have a 100% close rate.  As a professional defense lawyer, Hillary learned to lie, manipulate facts and (though she was fired for doing so at the Watergate hearings) manufacture false evidence to get the outcome she preferred.

Which person would you rather have running the country – one who believes you have a choice, or one who believes that her viewpoint is the only valid one?  The clock is ticking.