Mailbox Blues . . .

Once upon a time, there was a mailbox that was required by the United States Postal Service to be relocated from a nice safe location to a place that was supposed to be safe for the Postal Service delivery driver.

In the first year after it was moved, it was demolished by drive-by vandals twice. After the second vandalism, the owners of the property replaced it with a 2×2 square foot brick tower to enclose the mailbox.

Yes, I’m talking about the mailbox on the home my wife and I own.

Very early Monday morning, while I was trying to recover from a series of storms that kept me awake when I should have been sleeping, I answered a phone call. It was from the local police department, informing me that a patrol officer in a marked police car had fallen asleep at the wheel while driving by our residence. She demolished our mailbox, and left debris scattered all over the southern part of our property.

The brick tower that enclosed our mailbox was built 11 years ago. It cost us $500 USD at the time, and was built by someone who had just won a national brick mason’s competition. Now, we’re having to negotiate with the USPS to get deliveries until we get the mailbox replaced. The city was quick to admit all fault in the incident, and I was contacted by the city’s insurance agent the same day with a claim number, but trying to find anyone to replace the destroyed mailbox tower is proving a challenge.

The owner of the masonry company that built the original tower is now a state legislator, and doesn’t answer his business phone very often. The other 2 masons in this area are unknown to us, and so both are a gamble on what quality we’d get.

Whatever happens, we need to get the mailbox tower replaced as quickly as we can. Fortunately, the city’s insurance agent seems to be fully onboard with taking whatever estimate we get and just paying it.