If you can . . . (Happy 100th Anniversary to the Sea Dogs)

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Meme time . . .

You Are An INTP

The Thinker

You are analytical and logical – and on a quest to learn everything you can.
Smart and complex, you always love a new intellectual challenge.
Your biggest pet peeve is people who slow you down with trivial chit chat.
A quiet maverick, you tend to ignore rules and authority whenever you feel like it.

In love, you are an easy person to fall for. But not an easy person to stay in love with.
Although you are quite flexible, you often come off as aloof or argumentative.

At work, you are both a logical and creative thinker. You are great at solving problems.
You would make an excellent mathematician, programmer, or professor.

How you see yourself: Creative, fair, and tough-minded

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: arrogant, cold, and robotic

Whatever that is . . .

Indigo Child
It looks like you fit the characteristics of an
Indigo. You have reached a certain level of
spiritual enlightenment, and are here to help
lift our planet up out of its current troubles.
You have always known you were different and
special, and care deeply about humanity as a
whole. Good luck in your mission; we are all
going to need it.

Could you be an Indigo child?
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Been up since before 9:00 yesterday morning, or nearly 24 hours with no sleep. Why? Had a full-blown migraine since 7:00 last night. The only pain-killer I’ve ever used that helps is Excedrin – which has a half-ton of caffeine per tablet. So, no sleep, caffeine buzz, and still got the headache.

I took an IQ test online

and, while I won’t say what my final score was (some would accuse me of bragging, and others would say it wasn’t credible), here is something of what they did say about what my score showed:

Your Intellectual Type is Visionary Philosopher. This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns.

Pretty interesting, I think.

Senior year of High School???


[What year was it?]
My senior year was the year Ronald Reagan became president. 1980. I graduated in May and he was elected in November. Before he was elected, I was in the US Army.

[What were your three favorite bands?]
The Go-Gos, Fleetwood Mac, KISS

[What was your favorite outfit?]
t-shirt, jeans, western-styled boots

[What was up with your hair?]
pretty long for a guy in Kansas.

[Who were your best friends?]
Didn’t really have any – I was a transfer student from a smaller town nearby and didn’t know anyone “in the big city” of Emporia.

[What did you do after school?]
Worked at Sonic or sat at home listening to music.

[Did you take the bus?]

[Who did you have a crush on?]
Kristy McNichol

[Did you fight with your parents?]
constantly – who didn’t?

[Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on?]
Kristy McNichol

[Did you smoke cigarettes?]

[Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker?]
No. I didn’t use books much. I only had 3 classes, and 2 were practicals.

[Did you have a ‘clique’?]
Nope, I was an outsider and a loner.

[Did you have “The Max” like Zach Kelly and Slater?]
i have no idea what that means.

[Admit it, were you popular?]

[Who did you want to be just like?]

[What did you want to be when you grew up?]

[Where did you think you’d be at the age you are now?]
Starting my first term in the oval office.