Rationing Drugs For Sick Veterans. Did The VA REALLY Plan To Do That?

I have been a veteran – dependent on the VA for my medical needs – for nearly 35 years. I thought I’d seen everything in the way of Uncle Sam breaking promises to us. This is a new low.

The Silent Soldier

dAugust 22, 2015

byLorra B.

The Department of Veteran Affairs has known since January that the cost of medications was rising and that it would cause a tremendous financial loss. They have even discussed rationing expensive drugs “after asking Congress for $500 million to pay for the same drugs,” according toWashington Examiner.

VA officials have given Congress the notion that hospitals throughout the nation would be closed unless ‘swift action’ was taken.

Hepatitis C, one of the most expensive medications given to veterans, is one of the drugs the VA is allegedly planning to withhold from some veterans. The Hep C drug can be as much as $1,000 a pill, a price the pharmaceutical company, Gilead, believes to be fair considering what it cost for them to develop the treatments, Sovldi and Harvoni.  

Hep Cis caused by the HCV virus:

  • It is a contagious liver disease…

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Today is May 5th

It is May 5th everywhere in the world – but ONLY in Mexico is it a legal national holiday.  In the USA – today is May 5th, not “Cinco-de-Mayo”.  Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican holiday of their national Independence – our national holiday of independence is July 4th.

Anyone in the USA who would choose to celebrate today, but if given the chance would spit or walk on the US flag (or it’s military or the veterans who have served it) should not consider themselves welcome within the US.  If you want to celebrate “Cinco-de-Mayo” – go to Mexico.

The take-away on US Torture Report . . .

In case you missed it, the US Senate released it’s report on the use of torture to gather intelligence from the prisoners at Guantanamo (and other places, presumably).

I can sum it all up for you very quickly.  Yes, they used torture.  Yes, it was despicable what they did, and threatened to do.  No, they did not get any good information from it.  The use of torture did not help catch Osama bin-Laden.

AND – the use of torture should still be left in the toolbox.  Quite simply put, when you are conducting an interrogation and the person answering questions KNOWS ahead of time that there are certain things you can not do, he’s already won.  I’m not saying that we should use those things every time, or even ever, but we should never prohibit interrogators from using them.


“… a date that shall live in infamy . . .”

I realize that there are plenty of people out there who appreciate the US Military, and the veterans who served in it.  Thank you!

These images are why those of you who don’t appreciate the military should be grateful that people like me have been wearing uniforms in the service of the USA for 238 years.  We, the service members and veterans, stand between you and countries (or radical terrorists) that want to kill you.  We have done this so you can live free, even if you can’t appreciate our choice.  Without the uniformed services and veterans of this country, there would be no USA – and you’d likely be speaking German.  73 years ago today, we protected you and your families from this . . .Japanese Torpedo plane taking off h50603torpedo planes attacking battleship row - h50931USS Utah - g266626USS Arizona forward magazines explode - k13513USS Maryland and capsized USS Oklahoma - g19930tthe date that shall live in infamy - h72273kOn 07 Dec 1941, at 0748 Hawaii Time, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the US Navy fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Keep in mind that, at that time, Hawaii was still an independent nation that was renting space to the US, and wouldn’t become our 50th state for another 10 years.

Police – military – Ferguson, MO

Here is something you probably haven’t heard about the debacle in Ferguson, MO, USA.

I am of the firm opinion that this was a totally predictable event. The seeds have been sown since September 11, 2001. It started with the USA Patriot Act. This is what happens when government lawmakers make decisions based on FEAR.

With the deaths of nearly 3000 people on 9/11 our government lawmakers learned that the US was vulnerable. The proof was on every news station, every website, every radio station in the country. The immediate reaction was shock. Every citizen in the country was asking, “How did this happen HERE?”

Our lawmakers went from shock to fear. They feared their own constituents. The prevailing mood in Washington, DC, can best be summarized as, “We need to be seen trying to do something and it needs to be fast! The result was one long series of legislative missteps made under the assumption that “any action is better than no action.” USA Patriot – illegal wire taps – NSA data mining – TSA airport security screening. It was all ineffective, because it was all reactionary.

Now we see on the news yet another by-product of that fear. Local police forces confronting local citizens with military-grade hardware – equipment that was either given or sold to the local police department under the justification that if al-Qaida attacked, we’d need to be ready for an effective, local response anywhere in the country. FEAR. Guess what? That which they feared never happened.

As I’ve said before, it is my considered opinion that any weapon or protective armor that the government can justify equipping the police with should legally be available to all law-abiding citizens. It’s called the 2nd Amendment – which is just as much about enabling us to resist the abuse of power by our own government as it is about hunting or crime.

So, I have a solution for the current problem of police departments having military-grade equipment. Hold a raffle, and give away half of all the equipment they have received from the military to law-abiding citizens. Nobody with a violent crime record would be eligible. Provide the winners with specific training in the safe use of their weapons, along with 10,000 rounds of ammo and a lifetime membership to https://www.frontsight.com/ that covers training/practice on the weapons they win. Then appoint them as the Citizen Militia, and let them worry about protecting their communities from al-Qaida. Let the police go back to doing what they were supposed to do – enforce the local laws.

If you can . . . (Happy 100th Anniversary to the Sea Dogs)

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Why the US can’t win in Iraq???

I’m not sure how credible this is, but it is food for thought – especially about the consequences. I’ve known for several years now that being in debt was bad, personally and nationally. Now, it seems that I may have been far more right than I previously thought.

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Why America & Britain are unable to Withdraw from IRAQ