Health Care news links . . .

I have some things I have been wanting to share that probably didn’t get reported on the Mass News networks, but are important in helping manage your own health care programs.  Unfortunately, I’ve gotten really behind on posting them, because the last couple of months I’ve felt more like one of the “future lawyers” in IDEOCRACY than the usually intelligent person I remember being.  I blame it on arthritis messing with my sleep.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to just post links all in one article here, so I hope you can get them.


(Well, this is disturbing.  I was going to share a link to an article written by Dr. Sanjay Gupta which I got in an email.  But, when I tested the link – the article was missing.  I probably should cut it out of this post, but with the information I’ve shared, you might find it yourself, if you are interested)

Big Pharma so greedy it has sought, and obtained, permission to market anti-cholesterol drugs as cancer treatment medicines!  The maddening thing is – medical literature acknowledges that anti-cholesterol drugs can CAUSE cancer.

Courts quietly rule that MMR vaccine DOES cause autism

Courts Have Quietly Confirmed That The MMR Vaccine Causes Autism!

This one feels like a validation to me – I’ve been saying for years that Obamacare was designed to fail as part of an agenda to force the US into a national single-payer health insurance program with universal coverage.  Now the effects of Obamacare are starting to prove my prediction accurate

Beverage maker Coke has had a sweet deal with CDC on beverage policy regulations

Following news that Tom’s of Maine (now a subsidiary of Colgate) was incorrectly advertising toothpaste as Organic when it used non-organic ingredients, this chart has gained popularity.

Nature Valley granola bars test positive for glyphosate – the active ingredient of Round Up.




Pathologist confirms death caused by vaccines…

A newborn baby in Michigan died under suspicious circumstances – and the pathologist examining his remains has confirmed that the death was caused by the routine vaccinations given by the hospital in compliance with CDC recommendations.

Honestly, I wish something like this was all it would take to end the vaccine choice debate.  Proving that they can be deathly harmful should be enough, but even as I type this I know that there are some people out there who are so afraid of other people having a choice that they would SPONSOR a totalitarian state if they thought it would protect them from the consequences of someone else having a different opinion.This should be etched in stone over the front door of the US CONGRESS – “It will never be acceptable to use the force of law to compel others to act against their own conscientious decisions where there is fair and reasonable doubt as to the better path.”

CDC data shows MMR vaccine kills more than measles . . .

Just saw this. The report shows that using CDC’s (that is the Center for Disease Control) own internal data, the MMR vaccine kills more people annually in the USA than measles outbreaks do.