An interesting observation . . .

We’ve had a rather long run of unseasonably wet weather this year.  While it has wrecked havoc on the symptoms of arthritis that my body deals with, it has afforded me the chance to make a strange observation.

When I would normally be sleeping, but arthritis discomfort keeps me from doing it, my natural inclination is to immerse myself in watching comedy movies – but the truth is I don’t actually enjoy them at those times.  I’ll put one in, and watch perhaps a half hour of it, then I’m sick of it an switch to a fantasy or something sci-fi.  I’ve done it over and over again the last few months.

I have nothing against comedy movies, and watch them with my wife as much as any other genre, but they do not make me laugh when my body is hurting.  I have no idea what this means, but it is interesting to consider.


Saturday Posts . . .

Today, just for a bit of fun, I want to share something absolutely funny and wonderful with everyone.

But – you’ll have to do just a little bit of work for it.

Open up your web browser’s search engine, and look for “O’Reilly Auto Parts”. When you get the results, go to the website, and you’ll see (probably in the top left corner) another search tool for their website. Put this into the search tool – 121G – and hit the “enter” key.


(Major kudos to my wonderful wife for sharing that with me)

I had it coming . . .

Last night my wife and I were watching a disc we got from Netflix.  I was sitting in my recliner, with a cat sound asleep on my lap, when she got up to go to the kitchen.  Seeing her heading that direction, I held up my empty coffee cup and asked if she’d mind getting me a refill – so I wouldn’t have to wake the cat.

She wanted to know what she should put in it, and I responded with “something hot, brown, and wet.”

Then SHE asked me if I meant Zoe Saldana or Halle Berry.

I really should have just said “coffee”.  Besides, even if they were willing, neither one of them would fit in my coffee cup.

The Martian . . .

My wife and I watched the Matt Damon movie “The Martian” last night.  It’s a pretty good movie, but I think I’m going to sue Matt Damon anyhow.  I had disco music in my dreams all night.  (joke)

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand that.

Actually, I was a teenager during the disco age (1970’s) – and I’ll defend disco even now.  It’s not a bad music style.  Most of it is up-beat, most of it has positive messages, and it’s great to dance to.  Think of it as a softer version of what came later.  Instead of Ace of Base, you have ABBA or Gloria Gaynor (who both had music in the movie).  Watching “The Martian” was absolutely a walk down memory lane for me.  I knew EVERY song they used in the show.

RIP – actress Yvonne Craig

Holy Dilemma, Batman!  The Joker’s captured Batgirl!


Well, I hope that Heath Ledger and Yvonne Craig are better off now.  According to an article on BBC, actress Yvonne Craig has moved on after a fight with breast cancer that had involved her liver.  She was 78 years old.

Idle (or Idol?) speculation . . .

I became a US Army veteran in September of 1982 – so I was an adult when Patrick Dempsey made “Can’t Buy Me Love” in 1987.

Like many others, my wife has been nearly addicted to watching “Grey’s Anatomy” – which stars Patrick Dempsey.

Recently, my wife and I were browsing Netflix Instant Viewing to see what might be available – and “Can’t Buy Me Love” was there, so we took a stroll down memory lane.

I found it very interesting that in CBML, the only classroom scenes with Dempsey’s character (Ronald Miller) are in the science lab – where they are working to memorize the scientific names of the bones of the human skeleton.

Pretty essential training for someone who will (20 years later) be a world-class neurosurgeon.  LOL!

TSA vs. Star Trek movie…

Yesterday, my wife emailed me about the fact that, for (supposedly?) the first time ever, there is a contest for a walk-on role in the next Star Trek movie.  She included the link to the website to sign up.

I’m telling you about it because, quite bluntly, I won’t enter.  It wouldn’t make any sense for me to try, because even if I won I couldn’t accept – part of the prize is round-trip airfare to Vancouver, Canada, for the filming.  Until the USA eliminates the TSA, I will never again get on a commercial plane.

So, if you are interested in a movie role, here is your chance.  Break a leg!