Not All News Is Bad . . .

I have way too much time on my hands, so one of the consequences of that is that I spend more time than I need to reading news on the internet.

But, as someone stated in a reply to the HeroicStories blog, if you think about it, the exceptional tends to make the news, not the ordinary.  It would be easy to get paranoid, or even depressed, over the world events that do make the news.  What we don’t realize, most of the time, is that good things happen as well.

Besides the blog – there is another blog that posts DAILY feel-good news stories.  Because of this, I feel they deserve kudos, and a shout-out.  Here is the link:


Obama opens door to Islamist profits…

US President Obama has instructed government agencies to stop threatening US citizens with prosecution if they agree to pay ransoms for kidnapped friends/relatives.

While this is a bad idea on many levels, it will be particularly rewarding to ISIS & Al Quiada who are both known for kidnapping foreigners.

I have a legitimate question, for anyone willing to address it.  At what point does Obama’s actions in favor of Islam outweigh his public profession of faith in Christianity enough that even supporters will acknowledge that he’s a Muslim-sympathizer at best?