Health Care news links . . .

I have some things I have been wanting to share that probably didn’t get reported on the Mass News networks, but are important in helping manage your own health care programs.  Unfortunately, I’ve gotten really behind on posting them, because the last couple of months I’ve felt more like one of the “future lawyers” in IDEOCRACY than the usually intelligent person I remember being.  I blame it on arthritis messing with my sleep.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to just post links all in one article here, so I hope you can get them.


(Well, this is disturbing.  I was going to share a link to an article written by Dr. Sanjay Gupta which I got in an email.  But, when I tested the link – the article was missing.  I probably should cut it out of this post, but with the information I’ve shared, you might find it yourself, if you are interested)

Big Pharma so greedy it has sought, and obtained, permission to market anti-cholesterol drugs as cancer treatment medicines!  The maddening thing is – medical literature acknowledges that anti-cholesterol drugs can CAUSE cancer.

Courts quietly rule that MMR vaccine DOES cause autism

Courts Have Quietly Confirmed That The MMR Vaccine Causes Autism!

This one feels like a validation to me – I’ve been saying for years that Obamacare was designed to fail as part of an agenda to force the US into a national single-payer health insurance program with universal coverage.  Now the effects of Obamacare are starting to prove my prediction accurate

Beverage maker Coke has had a sweet deal with CDC on beverage policy regulations

Following news that Tom’s of Maine (now a subsidiary of Colgate) was incorrectly advertising toothpaste as Organic when it used non-organic ingredients, this chart has gained popularity.

Nature Valley granola bars test positive for glyphosate – the active ingredient of Round Up.




13 Hours . . .

Last night my wife and I watched a “dramatic re-enactment” of the events of Benghazi that resulted in the death of the US Ambassador to Libya and 4 others.  It is called “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” and is available on disc through Netflix.

I’m not writing this to tell you that the cinematography is wonderful, or the acting worthy of an Oscar.  No, the events it is based on are real, and the person who was the Secretary of State at the time is now the Democratic Party nominee for the office of the US President.  THAT is what I’m writing about.

If you can watch this show, and still support Hillary as the next president of our country, please do us all a favor and DON’T VOTE.  If you won’t watch this show, and support Hillary, you’ve got your head in the sand and PLEASE DON’T VOTE.

There is nothing that this show can tell you better than this one fact: HILLARY does not care about US Citizens, even when they work for her. Remember her famous statement about who we should want to answer that hypothetical 3 AM phone call?  SHE GOT ONE AND REFUSED TO PICK UP THE PHONE.

I’ve told you before that if I have one talent, it is “seeing the big picture”.  So please, consider this:

Obamacare is basically what Hillary proposed when her husband was POTUS, but she couldn’t sell it – with the Democrats in control of the House AND the Senate.

Illegal Immigration harms middle-class US Citizens more than any other group.  When POTUS Reagan proposed an amnesty for 2 million illegals, the Democrats hailed it as a sign of compassion.  The result was an influx of 20 million more, over the next 20 years.  Many of those are taking jobs from US Citizens, causing the extended pain to the economic collapse we still have not recovered from.  Yet, the Democrats want another amnesty – which if the numbers hold up, would result in swelling the US from 320 Million to over 500 million within the next 20 years.  But, all the middle-class jobs are going overseas, so how are we going to support them?

While I’m talking about jobs, the Democrats love NAFTA, and are pushing hard for the Trans-Pacific Partnership – which is going to put more pressure on companies to cut manufacturing expenses – resulting in more jobs going to where labor costs are least. Oh, and why can’t we lower labor costs here?  Because the Democrats are in love with all the campaign money they get from Organized Labor – the Unions won’t let US industry pay wages that would be competitive with a global market.

Illegal Immigration also fuels the demand for constant increases to entitlement program spending, because Welfare and Food Stamps are not allowed to require proof of citizenship from applicants – under rules put in place by POTUS Clinton.

All of those illegals usually have one thing in common – they champion making the USA more like their former home, but they don’t come from successful industrialized countries.  They come from third-world countries and banana republics.  They aren’t coming here to get a better life, they are coming here to destroy ours.

It was POTUS Clinton who went on TV and told the banking industry that they were discriminating against the lower class when they refused credit to welfare recipients – giving them credit was (IMHO) the single biggest contributing factor to the housing bubble collapse.

All of this is causing the US middle class to vanish, but it was the US middle class that built this country and made it the greatest in the world in less than 100 years.  Instead, we have a very small percentage of wealthy people and a constantly growing poverty class.  As a “big picture” the one thing I see is that if Hillary wins in November, this experiment in self-governance will fail.  The US will be declared bankrupt, and we’ll loose our independence, our freedom, and our nation.

Affordable Care Act … FAIL

I had planned to write a post today about our latest successes in home improvements to our 80+ year-old brick home.  However, I feel a real need to postpone that (it will be available tomorrow) so that I can bring you a new, freshly updated, rant about the state of health care insurance in the United States.

When the President shoved the ACA (aka: Obamacare) down our throats, the primary argument for it was that we should accept this “solution” because the existing health care system was broken and the solution would be an AFFORDABLE way to fix it.  The only people it is affordable for are the ones getting free coverage at everyone else’s expense.

Our health insurance rates have gone up every year, and we just got the notice of the change in benefits for my wife’s insurance options through the State of Kansas. The plan we’ve been on – just to cover her and me – went up $25 per WEEK from what we paid last year.  Keep in mind that we hardly USE this plan.  We didn’t meet our deductible on the plan last year until DECEMBER, and have not met it yet this year.  At the new rates, it almost seems cheaper to start paying cash, and pay the penalty at tax time for not having insurance.  Yes, I did the math – the increase alone amounts to $1300/yr.  Our combined pre-tax income is just over $50,000/yr.

As it is, I am seriously considering telling my wife to drop me from the coverage through her work, because  I get some form of care through the VA, and even if it is the worst health care in the US, it’s paid for.  That would return our premiums on HER coverage to about what we were paying before Obamacare took effect. Sure, the nearest full-service VA hospital with an ER would be either Wichita, KC, or Fayetteville, but with my DNR active they are all close enough to us for most urgent care needs.  That, and I think the VA care is sufficient to meet the legal test of “being insured” under Obamacare, for me.

Still need more thought, but that is the direction I’m leaning.

Obamacare calls vaccine injury means of legal execution

Vaccine Injury Listed As A Means of “Legal Execution” Inside Obamacare This articles contains new and critical informtion on the intersection of a part of Obamacare (under “legal executions”) and state pandemic laws. When brought together, these two laws attempt to legalize execution by vaccines (inside Obamcare) AND impose vaccines as mandatory (inside pandemic laws) on the whole population of the US.

That is, Obamacare put in under Obama intersects with state pandemic laws put in under Bush, together mandate mass execution in the US by vaccines.

Here is the section in Obamacare:

ICD 9 E 978 “Legal Execution”

All executions performed at the behest of the judiciary or ruling authority [whether permanent or temporary] as: asphyxiation by gas beheading, decapitation (by guillotine) capital punishment electrocution hanging poisoning shooting other specified means [This section is even more disturbing than the section below and than beheading, since obviously the means of execution is so perverse, it can’t even be cloaked or hinted at.]

Obamacare Wars . . .

The following is the text of an email I got from the National League of Taxpayers, and is about some things they have learned about the effects of Obamacare on the country.  National League of Taxpayers


ObamaCare’s war on your health continues.

A recent survey has found that approximately 214,000 doctors will not participate in ObamaCare insurance plans — that’s about 25% of the US’s total active physicians.

How could so-called “reform” be so toxic that one out of every four doctors simply refuses to have anything to do with it?

Because all signs point to not only patients, but also doctors getting a raw deal:

*** ObamaCare plans only pay them 60 cents for every dollar a private plan would, an even worse deal than they get from Medicare;

*** They fear being overloaded with too many patients, which isn’t surprising from a system that’s already crowding emergency rooms;

*** They expect to get burned by low-income patients who can’t meet the higher deductibles of ObamaCare plans, and by patients who ObamaCare keeps covering 90 days after they stop paying their premiums.

This should come as no surprise, since survey after survey has always confirmed that strong majorities of the medical community think ObamaCare is bad news.

But then, the judgment of actual doctors never mattered to ObamaCare’s creators.

The fact is, it was the brainchild of central planners who just can’t imagine society functioning unless they micromanage every aspect of it with your tax dollars.

We knew from Day 1 that nothing about the name “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” would be true, but driving doctors away from the very people it supposedly helped may be the starkest example yet.


Anyone who tries to tell you that Obamacare was anything but a step stone is naive or lying.  Obamacare was designed to fail, and it’s failure was supposed to be the excuse to nationalize the health system.


Why the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will fail

The observed and stated concern was simply that health care in the United States was so expensive that some people could not afford it, and some people were being denied health care insurance.  It will not succeed because it does not fix either problem.

When we think about the cost of health care in the United States, we can see quite a large number of factors involved.  Though they have no particular order, some of them are the AMA, Insurance Companies, the profit motives of hospitals and private clinics, and State and Federal Regulators.  Indeed, if closely examined, one particular factor stands out – Insurance Companies.  The Insurance Companies insure hospitals against loss and damages, they insure individual medical doctors against malpractice lawsuits, they insure individuals against illness – every where you turn, there are Insurance Companies holding out their hands for another piece of the pie.  But, what do they give back in return?

The concept of insurance is supposed to be fairly straight forward.  An individual contracts with an insurance company for protection against an established risk, and pays fees on a regular basis to maintain the protection offered.  If the risk does manifest, the individual files a claim with the insurance provider, who is supposed to then issue a check for the agreed amount of coverage.  That was how it originally worked, but it no longer does.  At least, not in the United States.

The modern way for insurance to work is this:  an individual contracts with an insurance company for protection against risk.  Then the insurance company salts the contract with a few dozen exemptions and limitations to coverage, and tacks on co-pays and both annual and life-time payout limitations.  Although the limitations exist prior to signing the contract, the insurance company rushes the individual through the contract process so quickly that they honestly don’t have time to absorb it all.  However, the net result is that in most years, the individual is stuck not only paying the monthly fee for protection, but also about 80% of the cost of their own care, out of their own pocket.  In other words, the insurance companies are parasites, because the individual would be better off paying the full fee up front than paying for insurance coverage.  To add insult to injury, most insurance companies don’t even meet their obligations when it comes to catastrophic loss.  If a person has a massive injury or gets cancer, the insurance company will deny the claim outright or cancel the policy, then force you to fight them in court for the money they contracted to pay you.  So, the ACA can not succeed at driving down costs by adding more layers to the process.  More layers equals more mouths to feed – more parasites sucking the life out of the system and driving costs up.

This is why I advocate for a health care system focused on the maintenance of health instead of the treatment of disease.  If we change the focus in that way, the only people involved in the cycle are the doctor and patient until a catastrophic injury happens.

As things stand right now, every smart physician should have 2 fee schedules.  One is the fee they charge to people who use insurance companies, and the other is the fee they charge to people who pay cash.  My prediction is that the fee to cash paying patients would be substantially lower, because the doctor does not need additional staff to process insurance claims, and saves time.  Also, many doctors are now finding that to do business with the insurance companies, they are being forced to purchase specialized computer software to process the claims, which they get from 3rd party vendors at a significant expense, that also affects my prediction about the savings for cash payments.  When enough people, and doctors, see the savings of not using any form of health insurance, my prediction is most of the health insurance providers will be put out of business, and the US Government will lose interest in taking over a dying industry.  Especially if Congress preemptively passes legislation to prevent the government from offering corporate welfare (bailouts) to shore up the industry.