5 Minutes of Magic . . .

When I got this newest LOA book (newest in my collection, at least), I started very quickly with looking at how I could use my daily affirmations more effectively.  One of the ideas I hit on was to make my own mind movies – just as Natalie did in her book.  Problem was, I didn’t actually have any software for doing that.

So, I went online and found a freeware program called Ice Cream Slideshow Maker (I kid you not!) that looked to be capable of doing what I needed.  It was easy and quick to learn, too.  Oh, did you hear the “BUT” coming?  Sorry.

But, when I copied the folder of images I have to the slideshow I encountered a limitation I hadn’t anticipated.  My folder had 168 images in it – things that invoked feelings of health, strength, abundance, spiritual enlightenment, joy, peace – well, you get the idea.  The freeware version of Ice Cream Slideshow Maker (ICSM) would only let me use 20 images in my slideshows.

Well, I made one slideshow that complied with their limits, and I liked the results, but it wasn’t REALLY what I wanted.  I wanted to be able to use all 168 images – plus anything new that I might add to the folder in the future.  Hmmmm….

Yesterday, part of the solution dropped into my lap, quite literally.  Several years ago, I heard about a spiritual practice out of Hawaii that you might simplistically call “Responsibility Meditation”.  I won’t even try to put the real name here – because I couldn’t pronounce it and I think the name just gets in the way of applying it.  I think you have to have 3 tongues to get all the inflections in right (that’s a joke).  I tried back then to learn more about this practice, but using the internet I could only learn the name of one practitioner, and no contact information on him.  So, I shelved the idea.

What happened yesterday was that I was watching an interview with Marci Shimoff where she mentioned using this technique – and told the exact steps and phrases that she uses!  It’s so simple it floored me!  Now, I just needed to find a way to apply it to my meditation.

Today when I opened up my image folder, I noticed among the folder control tabs was one labeled “Slideshow”.  So, I opened it up, and looked.  The slideshow function gave me the ability to use the ENTIRE CONTENTS of the folder, and adjust the playback within 3 different speeds, and even randomize the playback.  OKAY!  Now I have everything I needed.

Oh, and FYI – those simple directions for the “Responsibility Meditation” practice are here:

Spend just 5 minutes a day, every day, meditating on whatever you want to fix.  During your meditation, visualize the situation, as completely and vividly as you can, then repeat the following phrases to that visualisation, over and over:

I’m Sorry.

Please Forgive Me.

Thank You.


What to do about Jerusalem . . .???

I’ve been reading about the current hopes for peace in the Israel/Palestine conflict zone, and while I was reading about the elections the Palestinians had today, and President Carter’s comments on his observations, I also was remembering something of the history of Jerusalem.

First off, I don’t think it would be very disputable at all for me to claim that Jerusalem is the #1 most fought-over city in the world. The current dispute between Israel and Palestine is only a recent crumb in the turmoil that city has experienced. It is a holy city to no less than 3 different religions, each radically different than both of the others.

I don’t know enough about the pre-Israel times of that area, but I think it “might” be safe to say that Israel built that city – about 2500-3000 years ago??? After the exodus from Egypt (I have a theory about that, also, but that’s for another post).

Anyway – looking at the present-time scene for Jerusalem, I have an idea. Make it a true cosmopolitain city – one with no nationalist ties. In other words, by decree of the World Court and the UN, make Jerusalem a city outside of all nations. Provide enough additional land for a good international airport, and sea port access. Restore all sacred groud within the city to the religious group capable of documenting the oldest claim to that site. Any religious groups displaced by that decision would be allocated ground to rebuild the church/mosque/temple they lost.

Finally, here is the real controversial proposal. Nobody in Jerusalem would be forced to surrender their weapons, or alter them in any way. Every citizen of Jerusalem would have a 100% right to own, carry, and use weapons of all kinds – unless CONVICTED of using them in a criminal manner. That would be the only reason to take away the right to own/carry firearms, blades, etc.