Saturday Posts . . .

This is both a fraud alert and an update.

First, the fraud alert. Someone is sending out bogus collection notices that claim to be from the US Small Business Administration. Everything on the letters looks legit, down to the email addresses and phone numbers – but they are being faked. I know this for a fact because they made one fatal mistake. They sent a collection notice to my wife about a loan so small that we could have paid it off from what we have in savings – except that we never applied for the loan in the first place. Even worse for them, for 22 years neither of us has ever signed any piece of legal paperwork without the other – and on the SBA loan application my name is nowhere to be seen. So, if you get anything from the Small Business Administration attempting to collect on a loan that you don’t recognize, the first thing you need to do is contact a lawyer. Contacting the local police, FBI, and posting fraud alerts on your credit reporting agencies are also smart moves.

Now for an update.

My wife and I have owned this property for slightly more than 12 years. During that whole time, we’ve known that the huge south-facing yard on our property was ripe for installing solar power. We even found a local company that we asked for an installation estimate from – but the guy they sent to do the estimate disappeared after talking to us, and nobody ever followed up.

About two months ago my wife found another company that does solar installations. After a few conversations with them, we got all the estimates, including the discount for the US Government’s “Green Energy” tax credit. Looking it all over, we realized that we could afford the loans, and signed the paperwork. Depending on weather (both here and wherever they already had pending installation appointments) we should be able to begin the install of our solar power system within about 2 months. The completion of that project will make us about 97% off-grid for electrical power – on a yearly average.