2 must-watch documentaries . . .

My wife and I have recently watched 2 documentaries that, IMHO, everyone needs to see.  They are both currently available on Netflix streaming video.

The first one is “Challenger: The Final Flight” – obviously about the final flight of the Challenger space shuttle, and all of the bureaucratic failures that led to the disaster.

Just as disturbing, and much more currently relevant, is the second documentary.  It is called “/the social dilemma” – and yes, that backslash at the front IS part of the title.  No spoilers, but I guarantee you’ll want to reevaluate your use of social media after watching this.

Facebook to test “dislike” button . . .

When Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would begin testing soon on a new button that would allow users to “dislike” posts, he was careful to say that his desire would be for it to be used to show empathy when another user posts something dreadful – like a death in the family.  Sure, Mark, I’ll just bet that is exactly how it will (NOT) be used!  (/end sarcasm)  Just one more reason I’m glad to have quit Facebook over 6 years ago, and will not be going back – ever.