Improving the future of solar power…

A closer look at one of the projects going on to improve the efficiency of solar power collection – this one aimed at the more commercial solar power collectors, rather than the home panels.  But, once they get it out there, demand will probably put it into the home market as well.

Future solar power…

Solar power has been around for quite some time, but cost has kept it out of reach of the average American household, let alone anyone in more humble conditions.  However, the trend has been that costs are going down, while quality and storage capacity have been improving.  See the article behind the link (above) for the latest.

We’ve been watching this – eventually we’d like to take advantage of the huge yard on the south side of our house to put in solar collectors (well, and a green house).  But, we’re taking baby steps.  There are so many other things to do to make this house stable for the next century!

Germany breaks US solar power record . . .

Germany has, despite not exactly being the sunniest place around, managed to break the world record for solar power production.  Solar power is more viable than fossil fuel energy providers want you to think.