Telomere experiment update . . .

This morning, I started my second round of supplements in line with the “Telomere repair” program.  Here is a recap of highlights of my experiment:

1.  My starting weight when I first began the telomere repair was 247.8 pounds.  My target weight is 170 pounds (which I have exceeded for over 20 years).

2.  In addition to doing the telomere repair, I’m also following the PALEO diet.  That means, basically, I am only eating foods that I can recognize what they were originally when they hit my plate.  Any edible fruit, vegetable, tuber, or meat is allowed, so long as it is not processed.  Cooking that does not alter the appearance is allowed.  Soups and stews are allowed.  Nuts and nut butters are allowed, but not recommended if you want to loose weight.

3.  My weight at the end of the last round of supplements was 224.0 pounds.

4.  My weight yesterday morning was 218.8 pounds.

5.  I have not been doing any strenuous exercise.


Another Telomere update . . .

At first I thought I was seeing things, but about a week later my wife independently made a comment that seemed to confirm my suspicions.  Still, I held my tongue because I just wasn’t sure.

Now I am.

My hair on my head is slowly starting to return to it’s natural deep brown color.  No “grecian formula” or Ms. Clairol or anything like that, it’s just the result of the supplements I’m taking.

Report on the Grand Experiment . . . part 1

Ok, now that I have something to share, this is my report.  The AMA would probably require that I say something about me not being a medical doctor, and so this information is not practicing medicine.  I’m not telling you to do this – I’m telling you what I have done for myself.

The subject of this experiment was something called “telomeres” – pronounced “tee-low-mare” – a couple of biologists got a Nobel Prize in science a few years back for suggesting that they were the biological key to aging.  I found ONE alopathic (aka – traditional MD) medical doctor in the United States (Dr. Al Sears, MD, based in Florida) who had AMA approval to test if this could lead to any sort of therapy.  His bio (and website) suggest that it not only can, but the therapy is entirely based on nutritional supplements.  I’ll list the supplements, and doses taken, at the end of the report.

Day 1:  My weight was 234.0 to start the experiment (a bit less than it was at the end of the 10 Day Detox Diet test).  I took all the supplements at 0700 hrs (7:00am), and felt tired and sluggish all day long.

Throughout the following days of the first week, I had a migraine, but I noticed that it wasn’t constant.  Instead, there would be hours when it was so intense I thought my head would burst, but then I’d have a few hours following it where I felt normal again.  While my weight started out low, it did steadily increase – but it was MUSCLE weight.  I could feel my chest, shoulders, and arms firming up and even growing a bit, despite not exercising at all during the experiment.

Yesterday (day 15) I had my annual physical at the VA.  My lungs are clear, my blood pressure is 110/85 (I’m 52 years along).  I still don’t wear corrective lenses, and don’t need hearing aids (despite my service as a medic to a field artillery unit.  My weight at the VA (with my tennis shoes on) was 237.

All in all, I’d say it seems that there is something to this, but it isn’t an instant fix for anything.  This vitamin program is a long-term commitment to you own health and well-being, that you can expect to cost about $100/mo.

Here are the supplements and dosages I’ve been taking.  I recommend getting liquid forms whenever possible, and capsules are better than pills to assure effective use in your body.

Resveratol      10-20 mg/day

EGCG             50 mg/day

N-Acetyl-Cysteine  1800-2400 mg/day

Alpha Tocopherol (aka Vit. E)  400 IU/day

Gama Tocotrienol   20 mg/dose

L-Carnosine    500 mg  2x/day

L-Arginine      500-1000 mg/day

Vitamin C      500 mg 2x/day*

Vitamin D3     2000 IU/day

Silymarin Extract  200 mg  2x/day

Ginko Biloba    40-80 mg/day  (4-6 week cycle max.)**

Folic Acid        2-5 mg/day

Acetyl L-Caritine    1000-3000 mg/day LIQUID ONLY, Non-synthetic

Astaxanthin      4-8 mg/day


*  Vitamin C must be taken carefully if you are not used to the doses I used.  Taking more than you are used to can cause diarrhea.  If you are not used to taking it at the doses recommended, my thought would be that you work your way up by increments of 100 mg, and back off if you experience diarrhea to the last dose you took without it.  Stay at that dose for 2-3 weeks, then try to increase it again.  However, if you are already taking more than the recommended amount, I’d think you’d be safe to continue.  Being a vitamin, your body will excrete anything more than what it needs for your health.

**Ginko Biloba is not recommended for constant use, as it looses effectiveness when the body builds up a tolerance for it.  So you can take it daily for up to 4-6 weeks, but then have to quit taking it for the same duration of time.  Then it is safe to restart the cycle.