Synchronicity and best-laid plans . . .

About a week ago, I decided (or admitted) that I was probably drinking too much coffee, because it has been months since I have been able to sleep for 8 hours in one stretch.  Perhaps years, I’m not sure.  What I am sure of is that lately I’ve been on a cycle that goes something like this:  up for 12-14 hours, down for 2-3, then up for another 10-12. Rinse and repeat a few times, until exhaustion gets so extreme that you collapse in a restless mess for 12 hours, and wake up with a migraine.  Yes, that does figure into a cycle that is longer than a standard 24 hour day – hence a totally unpredictable schedule.

However, trying to do something about it has proved to be more of a challenge than I had hoped, due to some outside circumstances caused by

You see, most of the discs traded on Swap-a-DVD are used, so nobody in their right mind would order one and claim receipt of it on the site without first watching the DVD to be sure it isn’t horribly scratched/cracked.  Basic common sense, right?

So, just when I’ve decided to cut back on my caffeine intake, Swap-a-DVD notifies me of not one but 2 titles that I have on my wish-list that are now available, and I have enough credit on account to get them both.  One problem – they aren’t individual movies – they are full seasons of a TV series.  2 full seasons, consecutive – or almost 50 episodes, at 45 minutes (average) per episode, and they all came in at once.

Well, I got through the earliest season last night (well, early this morning, around 1 am my time).  I’m going to rest for a while, and probably start the next season tonight after my wife goes to sleep.

But, I’m promising myself that I’m absolutely cutting the caffeine starting next week.  *grin*

Oh, and one other update – it has been over 5 years since I last took off my wedding ring – afraid that I wouldn’t be able to wear it if my weight continued to increase (which it did).  Well, I now have it back on, and if anything it is almost loose!  This paleo diet may not be for everyone, but it IS working for me.


RIP – actress Yvonne Craig

Holy Dilemma, Batman!  The Joker’s captured Batgirl!


Well, I hope that Heath Ledger and Yvonne Craig are better off now.  According to an article on BBC, actress Yvonne Craig has moved on after a fight with breast cancer that had involved her liver.  She was 78 years old.