“… a date that shall live in infamy . . .”

I realize that there are plenty of people out there who appreciate the US Military, and the veterans who served in it.  Thank you!

These images are why those of you who don’t appreciate the military should be grateful that people like me have been wearing uniforms in the service of the USA for 238 years.  We, the service members and veterans, stand between you and countries (or radical terrorists) that want to kill you.  We have done this so you can live free, even if you can’t appreciate our choice.  Without the uniformed services and veterans of this country, there would be no USA – and you’d likely be speaking German.  73 years ago today, we protected you and your families from this . . .Japanese Torpedo plane taking off h50603torpedo planes attacking battleship row - h50931USS Utah - g266626USS Arizona forward magazines explode - k13513USS Maryland and capsized USS Oklahoma - g19930tthe date that shall live in infamy - h72273kOn 07 Dec 1941, at 0748 Hawaii Time, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the US Navy fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Keep in mind that, at that time, Hawaii was still an independent nation that was renting space to the US, and wouldn’t become our 50th state for another 10 years.

A Taste of the Sureal . . .

Ok, the last time I talked with a US Army person wearing a rank of SFC, I was a Pvt, and decidedly subordinate to him. Also, I was 5’8″ tall and about 135 pounds fully dressed and soaking wet. He was 6’2″ and about 250 pounds – all muscle.

So, fast-forward nearly 25 years, and today a woman walked into my office wearing standard issue BDU’s (battle dress uniform). As I was doing her taxes, we chatted about how long she’d been in the Army, where she’d been stationed, etc. I told her I joined back when Ronnie was President, and she said she did too. It turns out, I enlisted about 6 months before she did.

Which means, she treated me as a peer, not a subordinate. Even more, I’d probably be a SFC (or an officer) if I hadn’t developed a bone tumor 24 years ago and had my whole career trashed by a 3 hour surgery.

I guess I’m not really going anywhere with this, but it seemed strange that I was talking as an equal with a SFC when the last one I knew could reduce me to molten goo under his boots just by looking at me.

Boy, I’m getting old. 😉