Fun with stamps . . .

As you well know, my wife and I are avid readers.  My wife is currently reading a paperback copy of the book “Make Room! Make Room!” by Harry Harrison.  It is the book that the classic  Charlton Heston movie, “Soylent Green” is based on.

Inside the book, which she bought used, she found a curious book mark.  It was a used, cancelled, postage stamp.  On it’s face was a line drawing of a man making a delivery to a woman at the front door of her house.  There is a motorcycle in the lower right corner.  It was a US Special Delivery stamp, and the face value on the stamp was 13 cents.  She showed it to me, and expressed curiosity about what it was and if it might be valuable.

I know a little about such things, so I expected it wasn’t particularly valuable, but I thought it might be something interesting, so I went online and looked it up.  It was an official US Post Office postage stamp, issued in 1944 for special delivery parcels.  Interesting, but not especially valuable.  Identifying it was a fun 5-minute diversion.