Hospitals giving secret vaccinations . . .

My wife found this article, in which a nurse whistle-blower has exposed that some hospitals have taken it upon themselves to give vaccinations in secret.

Pathologist confirms death caused by vaccines…

A newborn baby in Michigan died under suspicious circumstances – and the pathologist examining his remains has confirmed that the death was caused by the routine vaccinations given by the hospital in compliance with CDC recommendations.

Honestly, I wish something like this was all it would take to end the vaccine choice debate.  Proving that they can be deathly harmful should be enough, but even as I type this I know that there are some people out there who are so afraid of other people having a choice that they would SPONSOR a totalitarian state if they thought it would protect them from the consequences of someone else having a different opinion.This should be etched in stone over the front door of the US CONGRESS – “It will never be acceptable to use the force of law to compel others to act against their own conscientious decisions where there is fair and reasonable doubt as to the better path.”