Do You Support Mandatory Vaccination?

This is verified by the US CDC at this website:


Vaccine transportation revolutionized . . .

Ok, first let me be very clear: I am firmly convinced that all vaccines are greatly over used, and even when they are used correctly, they might not be the best choice.  That said, here is a link to a story about a British student who has perfected a means of maintaining vaccines at the ideal temperature while in transit, that works for up to 30 DAYS.

What gets my attention is the possibility that the same tech can be used for transporting organ transplants, camping foods, and a lot more.

CDC data shows MMR vaccine kills more than measles . . .

Just saw this. The report shows that using CDC’s (that is the Center for Disease Control) own internal data, the MMR vaccine kills more people annually in the USA than measles outbreaks do.

Italian Court rules MMR vaccine caused Autism . . .

There has been a controversy raging here in the US for years, centered around the debate about whether or not vaccines (or more specifically, the preservatives used in vaccines) cause autism.  The facts have always looked to me like they favored the parents who were crying foul, but the deep pockets of Big Pharma have always managed to get lawsuits thrown out of court.  Now, a lawsuit in Italy has survived long enough to get a verdict:

MMR vaccine caused Autism