Finally . . .

I can’t – or rather, wish I couldn’t – believe that it took over a month to finally get the appointment for the Fayetteville VA Neuro consult that my doctor ordered.  That’s over a month from the day the clinic first tried to contact me, not the total time since my doctor asked them to see me.  Anyway, I finally got added to their “triage group” so I could reply directly to the clinic about when I could be available for the consult, and we worked out a time and date for my 1-hour visit.  I’m seeing them next month.

People often wonder why veterans are among the loudest protestors of a nationalized health care system.  This is why.  Under the pre-Obamacare health system in the real world, a primary care doc could have honestly expected that if he wrote a neurology consult on a patient, that patient would at least have their appointment to see the neurologist by the end of the day, and might even be seen within a week.  My primary care doctor wrote this consult request IN JANUARY.  This is what our government being in charge of health care provisions does to speed and quality of care.  Veterans know this – and do not want anyone we care about to have to live with the same problems.  THAT is why veterans will always stand up to protest when the government tries to expand the controls it exercises over your health.  Trust me, you do not want a single-payer government health system.


The new “Veteran’s Choice” program is a joke

You’ve heard about the problems with the VA – secret wait lists, low-quality care, veterans dead because they couldn’t get treatment . . .

Uncle Sam decided to make a very public attempt at trying to improve.  The idea was to send out “Veteran’s Choice” cards to veterans who either have to wait over 30 days for appointments, or live over 40 miles from the nearest treatment facility.  I live over 40 miles from the nearest clinic, and have had to wait up to 6 MONTHS for an appointment, so I thought it was a slam-dunk for me.

Well, over the year-end holiday, I got the card in the mail.  It isn’t valid unless you call a special 1-800 number to activate it.  I called yesterday, and was told that they can’t activate my card because they don’t have me on an approved list from the VA.  The 1-800 number doesn’t go to a VA office, it goes to some outside agency who is only running the phone bank for the VA – for profit, of course.  They suggested I contact the benefits office at my local clinic, and ask them to submit my information.

Can you hear the merry-go-round?  The calliope music?  Let me put it another way.  Remember what I wrote in a previous blog about how the VA so promptly responds to requests for information from the Social Security offices?  That is actually another government agency – this isn’t.

I think this whole new program is just window dressing so Obama can say he did something about the VA mess, but nothing is actually improving at all.


“… a date that shall live in infamy . . .”

I realize that there are plenty of people out there who appreciate the US Military, and the veterans who served in it.  Thank you!

These images are why those of you who don’t appreciate the military should be grateful that people like me have been wearing uniforms in the service of the USA for 238 years.  We, the service members and veterans, stand between you and countries (or radical terrorists) that want to kill you.  We have done this so you can live free, even if you can’t appreciate our choice.  Without the uniformed services and veterans of this country, there would be no USA – and you’d likely be speaking German.  73 years ago today, we protected you and your families from this . . .Japanese Torpedo plane taking off h50603torpedo planes attacking battleship row - h50931USS Utah - g266626USS Arizona forward magazines explode - k13513USS Maryland and capsized USS Oklahoma - g19930tthe date that shall live in infamy - h72273kOn 07 Dec 1941, at 0748 Hawaii Time, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the US Navy fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Keep in mind that, at that time, Hawaii was still an independent nation that was renting space to the US, and wouldn’t become our 50th state for another 10 years.