Recent observations . . .

  1. Are you a person who is gluten intolerant, and has trouble finding a probiotic supplement? So is my wife, and it has frustrated her for years. However, we’ve found a way to naturally get probiotics that she can take without complications. The solution was old-fashioned sour dough bread. Yes, it is more expensive than regular bread, but it is the only bread (or even grain product) that she can eat. Since we switched to that, we’re both feeling stronger and healthier.
  2. I recently read that President Biden is soon to sign into law an amendment to US banking law. The current laws require all banks and credit unions to report interest payments to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) for taxation purposes. The amendment that President Biden is championing will also require them to report the BALANCES of your accounts. Try as hard as I might, I can only think of one reason why the government would want to have that information, and it is not good for any of us. If you’ve studied the financial collapse that led to the Great Depression of the 1930’s, you’ll know what I’m concerned about. If the government wants to know what liquid assets you hold, it’s probably because they want to confiscate them, just as they did back then. It’s probably time to find another way to protect them, instead of leaving them in an account in some sort of bank or community institution.
  3. I respect the fact that the US National Weather Service has a tough job to do, but I’m getting tired of seeing a weather forecast for our area that says we’ll have clear skies for the nest 4 days, and then having a serious weather event the next day. Even worse is that my body tells me the weather is about to change as much as 12 hours before the National Weather Service updates their forecast. Sometimes I think that weather forecasting is just getting a license to be a gypsy fortune teller.
  4. I still think it’s rather humorous how the US government is trying to treat this whole Covid-19 situation as something that can be managed. Recent postings by the CDC and the WHO have acknowledged that not only are the vaccines ineffective, but that the entire event has been blown out of proportion. MD’s across the nation have been pressured into falsifying the numbers of people confirmed to have the disease, just to coerce us into greater compliance with the mandates given by the government. IMHO, because this is a virus – the best protection you can have is a healthy and robust immune system – and I say this as a person who’s immune system was compromised by a bone tumor back when I was barely 18 years old. But, I’m not an MD, so consult your own understanding of biology and human physiology – or someone you trust who has a degree in such things.
  5. I’ve been binge-watching a lot of Netflix Streaming TV shows over the last year. A good chunk of my viewing has been reality shows, including one called “The Circle”. It’s a social media game, where contestants are isolated in one building with each other, and try to become the most popular contestant of the group. I have a huge problem with the game’s formula. They allow contestants to enter the competition while deliberately misrepresenting who they are – a social media activity referred to as “catfishing”. Here is my complaint – if we as a society value honesty, integrity, and the other things that are called virtues, why would we deliberately REWARD people for acting contrary to those virtues? Especially with a prize like $100K for a few weeks of work?


One thing I truly hate

If there is anything I hate about living where we do, it is the difficulty the weather forecasters have at giving an accurate forecast.  It’s not just one forecaster – this has been a problem in this area as long as I’ve known this area exists.  For example – early this evening I started feeling the familiar neck/back pain that indicates bad weather is coming, so I checked the forecast.  It said we had a 40% chance of showers “late in the evening” – on the hourly breakdown it scheduled the showers to start around midnight.  Tomorrow was supposed to be 20%, with 100% tomorrow evening.  It is now just after midnight, so I checked the forecast for an update.

They have decreased the immediate chance to 20%, and pushed the entire main event back to tomorrow evening.  In the between time, it is a near certainty that my back/neck will continue to tell me bad weather is coming, and as the time gets closer, my hip will get in on the act as well.

I can’t prove it, but I think the problem is a combination of factors.  One thing is that most of the storms we get here form over the Rocky Mountains, and head east from there, traveling with the help of the Jet Stream.  The other is some quirk of geography that causes the storms to stall just west of where we live, or sometimes to split and go around us while missing us.  It doesn’t help me a bit, but that is the best explanation I can come up with so far.