These are the days . . .

Early this year, some of you may remember that I was frantically trying to get Window World to send someone over, and once it was proved beyond hope that they wouldn’t, I went to Home Depot to order some windows and get them installed.

My whole reasoning was thinking ahead to days like the ones we’ve enjoyed THIS WEEK.

Tuesday evening as we prepared for bed, I turned off the A/C and opened the windows, looking at an overnight low around 60 degrees.  Since then, the high temps have been in the low 70’s, and the lowest low so far has been 48.  The A/C has not been on, nor have we turned on the heater, all week long.

Although our cats do seem somewhat confused.  They keep jumping up to the windows and sticking their noses close to sniff this weird thing they don’t recognize – fresh air.  LOL!


Hey, Microsoft – – KMA.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Microsoft is starting to make “reservations” for the free upgrade to their Windows 10 operating system.  They are telling everyone with an authenticated Windows OS (at least those that are still supported) to make their reservations now.  There is a little Win10 app that appears in your system tray.

I have no intention of upgrading to Win10.  When I get my laptop fully set up, my desktop is going permanently offline.  So, I invested the time in finding out how to hide the notification/app.

Every time this damned computer re-boots itself, that notification/app appears back in the taskbar.  Microsoft is NOT taking “NO” for an answer.

So I’m publicly telling them to KMA – Kiss My ********.   Give me a way to say “NO THANKS” and banish the damned thing forever, please?

Speed bumps…

Life has a way of “adjusting” your expectations, doesn’t it?  LOL

My grandmother’s funeral is Wednesday morning.  I already wasn’t going to go, but an additional reason now is that, because it is then, there is a conflict with travel arrangements my wife made for getting to a conference for work – and those arrangements have existed for 2 months.

But, even that didn’t quite go as planned.  She and a co-worker were going to leave here early enough to catch an American Airlines flight out of Joplin, MO.  She went to bed early so she could get up early.  Ninety minutes after she went to sleep, American Airlines called to inform her that the flight had been cancelled.  It took another 90 minutes to iron out the problems and get them (my wife and her co-worker) onto another flight out of Springfield, MO.

The difference in travel times to the other airport means she still has to get up at 4 am, but now has 3 hours less sleep time before she leaves.

I’m going to stay up to help make sure she gets out of bed when she needs to so she can leave on time.  Because her alarm clock doesn’t always get her out of bed even on good days.

Anyhow, I’m doing the “Home Alone” thing for the next week.  Just me and 2 slightly insane furbabies.  Weather permitting, when my wife gets home we’ll have 3 more double-pane windows in our house.

Oh, and I finally “bit the bullet” and ordered a manufacturer-refurbished Dell Laptop to replace the desktop computer that I’ve been using since ’08 (and cussing from the beginning because of instability).  It’s also estimated to arrive the day my wife is due back home.

Some updates…

Yesterday afternoon, the mowers came by to cut our lawn.  In compliance with an agreement we struck about 2 weeks ago, he also took down the 3 screen windows that were covering the 3 windows we’re getting replaced on the 30th.  So, everything is ready.  Let the installation commence.

I’m still looking into options about Grandma’s funeral.  I think I’m going to call my next younger brother and see if he’s going to go.  If he is, I’m going to offer to help with his gas if he’ll pick up Dad on the way.  Part of the reason is that the window installation was already scheduled, and might cause a conflict, but, I don’t really see any point to deliberately putting myself in a situation that isn’t going to be pleasant or helpful for anyone.  If I go, I’m likely to get thrown out for causing a disturbance when the minister starts in with the hellfire.

Window progress…

We finally got the guy out here (Thursday, after two appointments that he no-showed without calling us) to measure the windows we wanted to try to get on this round.  We had him measure four windows, two on the north side and two on the south side.  If we got them all replaced, it would set us up for some nice straight-through ventilation on mild days.

Yesterday, Home Depot called and said they were ready to talk to us about choosing the windows we want.  We went out there in the early afternoon, and after looking at the options we chose the Anderson Low-E windows, and were able to afford three of them on this order.  We’ll still get the ventilation, because two of the replacements are going on the north side, and we already had two windows replaced on the south side.  This is huge progress – to the tune of $1,340 USD.

Oh, and another thing.  Window World took 6-8 weeks (that was the official estimate – the last window we got from them was ordered in early October and wasn’t installed until the end of January) to prepare a window for installation.  Home Depot is getting our Anderson windows in about half the time – 3-5 weeks.

Another window update…

After the frustration of not reaching the nearest office for over 3 months, calling the office in KC, KS, and getting passed up to the regional sales manager, I still couldn’t place my order.  The company I’ve been so frustrated by is Window World.  If possible, I’m not going to do business with them ever again.

After talking with the regional sales manager for Window World, I called the local Home Depot.  I called them because I remembered getting a flyer in the mail a few weeks ago touting their replacement window business.

It only took about 4 minutes for me to be talking one-on-one with the local sales manager in their replacement windows/doors department.  I described our situation and told him what the replacement windows we’ve already installed look like, and he was confident that he could replicate the windows with high-quality facsimiles from 2-3 different companies he orders windows through.  According to the website, one of those companies is a subsidiary of the Anderson windows company.

Someone should be arriving within a week to measure our next replacements.  We’re confident of getting at least 3 windows with this order, but that could be 5 or 6 depending on the price differences.

Protected territory – screw that…

I finally gave up on trying to order new windows through the closest local office, and called one just outside KC, KS.  I managed to talk with the sales manager for the store (actually, the KC area, Columbus Missouri, and St. Louis areas) and filled him in on my predicament.

He was very sympathetic, but when I asked about placing an order through his store, he replied that their contract with corporate HQ won’t allow them to cross into another territory – even if the territory is not being currently serviced.  I told him that I could pay cash, right now, for 4 windows (which means I could actually order 8 if I was confident of raising the other half of the money before they arrived), and all I want is to have those windows installed before cool weather in the fall comes along.

He took my name and home phone number, and is passing the information along to the regional sales manager.

Seriously, I get the notion behind protected territories.  It keeps aggressive sales people from stepping on each other to make a sale, which is useful.

What I don’t get is refusing to service an established customer when the territory he lives in has been abandoned.  There should be exceptions to not crossing the boundary when a store is not available to service the customer.

This is why . . .

Nearly 2 months ago, I started trying to place an order to get more of our windows replaced.  The overall goal is improved energy efficiency, but a sub-goal of that is being able to open them in nice weather.  There were only a few windows in the whole house that could be opened when we bought our home.

The last week has been of such a fair weather that, if we’d had even one window on the north side of the house that we could open, we wouldn’t have needed to run the heater or air conditioning the whole week.  Instead, afternoon high temps have driven the internal house temperatures into the uncomfortable zone and forced us to activate the air conditioning system.  Yes, I am calling the window people again today to see about getting that order placed – I want those windows in before we have the same type of weather this fall.  We’re ready, once again, to order 4 windows for certain, and if they keep dragging their heels on reopening the local office, we’re going to soon be ready for 5.  That’s 1/3rd of our remaining windows all at one time.

New window today . . .

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon, and the people installing our newest replacement window will arrive this afternoon to do that.  It may happen as early as 1pm (1300 hrs).  This brings us to 2 replaced,  11 upstairs windows left to go.  We’re considering spacing them out a bit more, and ordering 2 at a time in the future, so each visit makes more of a difference for us, and they don’t have to drive as much.  Well, it’s something to think on.