You Are A Winner…

There is a website that I go to several times a week to fill out surveys – VIP Voice.  They don’t pay you outright for the surveys, but they do give you points that you can choose to use for entering sweepstakes, or to bid on prizes in an auction style format.

Recently (and rather often) one of the prizes available was a Box Set of one season of (your choice from about 18) a TV series on DVD or Blu-Ray.  There were only 2 that I was willing to have – the complete INDIANA JONES Box set (alright – not a TV series, but still a great idea!) or BIG BANG THEORY.

Thursday, I got an email congratulating me on winning the sweepstakes.  I was offered my choice, as described above.  Some of the other TV series available were – BREAKING BAD, GAME OF THRONES, and others I can’t remember (who’s names I didn’t even recognize).  Well, as it turns out – I already have the INDIANA JONES box set on DVD, so I went with BIG BANG THEORY, season 1, on Blu-Ray.  It should arrive in about a week.

If I win again, I’ll get the next season – and so on after that until I have the whole series.  *grin*