False advertising . . .

I’ve written several times in my blog about playing video games – and even a few online games.

I’ve also been rather candid about the fact that I’m picky about what I play.  I like role-playing games with good stories, and even when they are online I like to have lots of content that I can play solo (at least until I get to know enough other players that I feel comfortable grouping with them).

Last week, because there was a themed sale in the Playstation Store (Halloween) I was looking at the games they featured in the sale.  There was one game that looked interesting, so I bought it.

The game was DEAD ISLAND.  I don’t want to get into a lot of spoilers – but there was one MAJOR aspect of the game that was not advertised in any of the descriptions on the Playstation Store – this game has NO solo mode at all.  You pick one of 4 (or was it 5?) premade characters, get to do no customizing at all, and then you’re tossed into the game environment where you’re being told to assemble your team before you can leave the hotel room.

IMHO that is false advertising.  I needed to know about that condition to know I wasn’t going to like this game.  It was less than $10 USD, but I still feel that I wasted money.  No, I was cheated out of it.

Oh, and then there is this:  The online edition of The Atlantic recently reported that 59% of the tuna sold in America isn’t really tuna.