Caturday funny . . .

While this isn’t our cat, it does look a LOT like Merlin – who, btw, would TOTALLY do something like this . . .


cat chasing window washers squeegeeI know, Caturday is tomorrow, but since I didn’t post anything this morning, I thought I’d get it in early.  Once again, kudos to my wonderful wife for finding this and sending it to me.


Video: Why a Lesbian Business Owner Is Standing Up for a Christian Printer’s Right to Refuse Making T-Shirts for a Gay Pride Event

I’ve said before that compelling someone to serve customers they would choose not to is a version of slavery. We all have the right to choose who we associate with, and under what conditions. Running a privately-owned business does not mean you’ve signed away your rights as a human being.

The Silent Soldier

November 18, 2014

Taking Back America:

As the battle rages on over whether Christian-owned businesses should be exempt from offering certain services to gay clients, a lesbian-owned T-shirt company based in New Jersey is taking a perspective that might surprise some conservative advocates.


Kathy Trautvetter, who founded BMP T-Shirts in 2003 with her partner, Kathy, told TheBlaze Wednesday that both women believe that businesses shouldn’t be forced by the government to violate their religious conscience.

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